2 Creepy Unexplainable Paranormal | Ghost (?) Stories

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  1. The first story is very interesting~ Mr.X you make a good point when you say that the writer essentially lived within 3 houses and possibly the spirits of all who had once resided there! I believe strong overwhelming emotions ie: trauma,pain,anger, rage and greife have the capacity to build over time and create an energy form in and of itself think -poltergeist type activity which at one point was found to be more prominent around emotional teens~ it is natural emotional energy that is out of bounds and chaotic once built up enough to take on a life of it's own.I am of the opinion this was a type of collective energy stew from every inhabitant this home had ever known(: a goopy, slimey, albeit mess of a stew but stew all the same 😝 haha sounds crazy but Energy is literally everything🌎⚡🌞

  2. We have a sound machine and always have rain and ocean sounds going while we sleep. We totally love it!

    I’m skeptical when the magazine sellers come to my house to sell me magazines!! The last one freaked me out as he was so slimy and laying it on a bit too thick!

  3. These stories are great and super creepy. The first story really piques my curiosity. I kind of wonder if you aren’t on to something with the observation of how the house was once three separate living spaces. Maybe the strange entity is some kind of… amalgamation of so many lingering emotions, energies and maybe even other entities that it has no real sense of identity and there for appears as some kind of primordial gel.

    The second story… just wow. I too love the sound of rain. Its soothing and has helped me fall asleep many nights, and an experience like that is kind of a nightmare scenario as it would ruin the sound of rain forever. I can understand why he got rid of the video because that would be… a little traumatizing; while at the same time I’m like “But still….”

    Anyway Mr. X thank you for sharing both these stories and your thoughts and insights. That truly makes your channel unique my friend. Stay safe out there, already looking forward to the next one.

  4. Dear Mr X has anyone ever talk about having paralysis but insepstion style? I just woke up drenched and my ankle is red and swollen as it was after I couldn't move in my dream. There is more but I just woke up and I'm kinda freaking out. I'm writing it all down after this

  5. I love your videos and I have notifications turned on but for some reason YouTube doesn't let me know when you have a new one😢(those slimey jerks!) I adore you and your smooth voice. Your subject matter gives me comfort because it confirms that I am not alone. Thank you for all you do and for serving our country. Because of people like you I am able to indulge in these comforting videos❤

  6. Sleep paralysis is very distressing. Ive never come across any entity like that while going through it but many people seem to see scary, slimy or unexplainable things for some reason.

  7. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Basically, you blow your nose, but instead of the gunk going from your nose into the tissue paper, it instead goes up the tear duct of one of your eyes & in/onto your eyes, under the eye lids.

    Talk about a gross & slimy feeling. >_< Having to wipe/rub your eye until the sensation goes away. It started after I had a sinus infection that infected my tear duct of my left eye & went into my eye. Imagine the sensation of having sand thrown in your eye, but nothing soothes it, be it rubbing, rinsing, etc. Not fun at all. Eventually stopped once the infection went away. Ever since though I have to be careful or else I get a slimy unwelcome sensation in my left eye or the sensation of air being blown into it also.

    Thanks again for everything Mr. X. (b^_^)b

  8. Loving these stories mate!! I'm not sure why, but when I hear that a window used to be a door it's weirds me out – don't touch that ectoplasm! Nothing like ghost stories mate and tea to finish off my afternoon Mr.X, enjoying both these stories.

  9. I believe in u also, little girl voice actress! Kids are either amazing or amazingly slimy (I know this because I work with kiddos and one of them sneezed on me today. Your code word is marvelously apt.)

  10. Hello mr x , i finally got to listen , i love your stories as they are nothing ive heard before , all animals can see spirits we cant , my dog barks at nothing my eye cant see , but im not scared of ghost just the living , i question everything in life , btw ive met lots of slimey people in my life & im sure before i leave this earth i will meet alot more ,goodnight & godbless you x

  11. So Creepy! I wonder what that was at his window, I have never heard the like before…I can't even fathom. I have to say your voice is amazing. I think we could use your voice in the medical field to ''sooth the savage breast'' in a manner of speaking. My house is haunted so I can empathize with Amanda♥🌹♥

  12. Great story homeslice. You I would consider myself a skeptical believer because you never know when someone is trying to pull a fat one on you… Hey man I'll try and send you my glitch story, encounter, what ever you call it, but it's kinda hard with 3 kids lol. Butt I'll get it toyou eventually… keep up the great stories homeslice 😎

  13. throwing this out there but could possibly be even extraterrestrial, or abduction? Theories of alien races similar to have predator camouflage., or Draconian reptilians .Paralysis, memory loss, hooded figures. Just maybe. Ectoplasm is more or less medium /psychic manifestation of spiritual energy within that's excretes from the openings of the body. Spirits then is enabled to interact. And has a FOUL SMELL. Residual Entity will like a replaying cycle