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  1. I don't drink but I know I can handle the hard stuff. I can down some liquor like it's water. Then about 4-6 minutes later my asshole explodes in a flaming eruption of diarrhea. No being drunk. No buzz. Just pure anal destruction.

  2. 1 night I woke in 3am in the morning then I heard that the shower was on at first I thought it my brother because he works nightshifts I had to use the bathroom so I went to the bathroom downstairs but when I went back upstairs I looked out my parents window its turns out that i was home alone and nobody was in the house and my mom and dad were out for the night and my brothers went out of town with there friends and girlfriends and my sis was with them so I was totally freak out like dead ass like I wanted to run out of the house like hell and I wanted to go to best friend's house but I was to scared so what I did was call my uncle to pick me up from the house he was just like 12 mins away from my location so I told him to come over to pick me up and go over to a safe place and so I did and under 10 min he showed up and when he picked me up he got this uncomfortable feeling that there was a intruder in the house so he texted me and said im outside come out so I slowly walk Down the stairs and then the shower have off already and so when I walked out the house i ran like crazy like there was no tomorrow and he saw me terrified so he unlocked the door that fast and I got in the car and the swerved off and when we left the area and went back to his house he asked me why did u want me to pick u up at 3am what was the situation I said lets talk about it in the morning and call my dad and tell him to call the cops and tell him not to walk in the house because someone must of broken in so he did that and I talkdown to my father and explain why the hell u didn't take me with u guys I could of been murdered my parents had to sleep with their friends at there spot they were worried and my dad called my siblings to not go home and he explained the situation and they slept the night with there friends I had to sleep on the couch in the living room that night I was frighten that we probably where robbed the next morning the police investigated the house and saw that there were footprints in the house that let to the room of my brother and police didn't recognize as much I am scared that this could lead me to having nightmares for day and not see things the way the should be its been about 4 yrs now he moved out of that house we live in Colorado with our other family members.

  3. I used to always go to this roller world down the street from my house as a kid. A few years back a guy walked in there while his son was celebrating his birthday , and shot and killed 5 members of his family's then himself. The whole family was buried together in a cemetary down the street. Pretty sad smh. You can see the story if you type in roller world shooting grand prairie.