Welcome to the third installment of “6 Lesser Known Creepy Videos”. This week, we are examining a video of Pope Francis performing an exorcism, part of a newer ARG and a couple of Cryptid videos. These videos are extra creepy and I am excited to show you all. Please send me any videos you have personally taken of the creepy or paranormal and you may get featured in one of these episodes! Or if you know of any creepy clips online with little to no views, send them my way! Either way you will be credited. Send everything to nefariousmedia286@gmail.com.

6. Skinwalker: PublicDomain3
5. Public Exorcism: Point
4. Pills: Kepther e
3. Alien? Demon?: Richard Grebenik
2. Pier Ghost: Mattyb112
1. “Hello” – SillyWilly88

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  1. I have always been fascinated with spooky photography from the first time I saw spectral photography of seances during the Victorian era. Same when videos came out. Thing is, I am not sure it is important whether a video is contrived or not because as long as it is scary, I enjoy it. I mean that is why I like horror movies. Another great job on the vidi and they all had a creep factor.