Small towns seemingly hold the darkest of secrets. In these towns scarcely populated with people, you would think crime would be almost non-existent. Well, it seems that is not the case. These subscribers sent in their creepiest stories from small towns that are allegedly true.

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  1. i have so many bizarre stories. some weird, some scary, some that are just plain odd. someday i may send you some stories. most are very short and several i am not sure how they would fit in to your content. plus a few of these stories i told friends and they just laughed…

  2. The guy in story 9 seems to display symptoms of chronic ptsd, the kind you get from repeated abuses over a long period of time [hence "chronic"], often from abusive relationships or narcissistic parents.

    As in a seemingly mundane occurrence triggers the defence mechanisms bc the person has been trained to expect such occurrences to easily escalate into violence of some kind & gradually getting worse & the list of things that cause the abuse growing to include just about everything.

    His response was self-destructive, but apparently ok as long as it hurt his abuser.

    It doesn't seem like borderline personality disorder since he's not begging the author's approval before or after his change of demeanor. Could be some sort of schizoid thing. But since he was reacting to an actual person doing something that an abusive person could make worse if they wanted, snapped out of it, & apologized, my first guess is cptsd, if we're thinking worst case scenario.

    I hope he gets help if he needs it. Glad the girl's ok.

  3. My husband and I are listening to you right now as we go down the interstate. We love listening to you. It makes the long miles (husband is a long haul truck driver) not seem so long. Thank you.