Around the world a billion people with obesity, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance could benefit from low carb, it could change their lives.

But it’s not simple yet, it’s still hard. So how can we make low carb simple for a billion people?

At this years’ Low Carb USA conference Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt described one possible way to do it.

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  1. Dr. Eenfeldt:

    I've heard Dr. Darren Schmidt suggest that either a high-fat low-carb diet OR a low-fat high-carb (carbs = whole plant foods) can be therapeutic. The idea is not to have high fat AND high carbs at the same time. And, as you likely know, there are a lot of people in both of those diet camps that have had success losing fat and improving health markers.

    Vegan doctors like Dr. Neal Barnard state that it's fat in the cells that's preventing glucose from entering: This seems like a reasonable idea, but, I don't hear any LCHF/Keto folks mentioning this. Is Dr. Barnard correct or no?

    I'm diet agnostic and have no horse in the race. I'm just trying to understand why both dietary camps have success stories with different approaches, yet neither side will give credit to the other for what they are accomplishing.

    For someone that's pre-diabetic and carries extra fat around their midsection, they obviously already have stores of fat onboard. So, how they can intake EVEN MORE fat and expect to metabolize it? Also, isn't there a concern about fatty liver?

    Finally, the Keto/Carnivore/Zero-Carb diets appear to be the most restrictive of all. I've heard Dr. Alan Christianson and Dr. Valter Longo discuss how the omission of fiber from the diet means a reduction of diversity in the gut bacteria. Also, being in "nutritional ketosis" while also having an adequate (or, surplus) of calories at the same time sends mixed signals to the body — and that humans don't have a "program" for that combination. As such, it wouldn't be surprising, if people start having neurological problems.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

  2. Thanks Andreas! The was your greatest idea. The numbers don’t lie! Just 2-months into my low-carb journey & I feel great.
    Please keep up the great work that you’ve been doing! People believe in you & are listening to your message.

    You & your team at Diet Doctor truly an asset for the rest of the world really setting us free from the wrath of high carb garbage.

    THANK YOU!!!

  3. Hello I like to workout but I love to eat and since I heard you talk about keto and that moment I understood what was keto and I am so happy because I gain some weight and I am frustrated until I got this info thanks for sharing and teaching.

  4. I have only just begun watching this video and am curious…if keto and low-carb diets have such great benefits, why do many of the areas with the highest concentration of centenarians (people over 100 years of age), aka Blue Zones, eat diets that are very high in plants and whole carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and beans? This is a question that has me stumped and I would love to know if there is any research out there comparing the two.

  5. I'm doing KETO vegan, without knowing it for the last 3 months ! and I just realized it with this video ! on 26 February 2018, I had a pain at left hand, went to doc and told me you are having heart attack NOW ! the blood test showed that the previous week had 2 more heart attacks, and finaly was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) that for the last 7 years doctors wasnt finding what I had. From 26 Febr till 2 April 2018 had 5 more heart attacks, 3 brain strokes, was diagnosed with APS & Celiac & Systemic Scleroderma & DVT, 1/4 of left lung destroyed (for every they said) went half blind from left eye (from Plaquenil very quick) and I'm on 32 pills per day (Predisone 80 mg per day). On my own research to clean as much as possible my body from all the chemical pills, I turned my self from for 30 years eating junk food to a plant based diet, no carbs, no lactose, no salt, no sugar, as all these was giving me inflamation and pains. Today 3 months after, everydoctor I see is surprised with how my body (and the blood tests and tests results) are reacting in positive way and personal i'm convinced that its the food. Also instead of sleeping problems, i fixed my self to a routine of sleeping from 10 night to 5 am, i wake up energetic and my mind is clear. I have lost 26 kilos (around 50 pounds) and I was struggling with my weight from child years. The depression and anxiety i had for 30 years is gone. I feel such a damn for doing this to my self for so many years. And I was considered my self clever hahha. Thank you for this fantastic work you are doing doctor, this is a gift to humanity <3 Greedings from Athens Greece

  6. Thank you and God bless you and your team for all the excellent brave work you and your growing team are doing to awaken the deceived masses worldwide. You should seriously think about some security protection like wearing small non-visible hidden body cam's front and back and having security protection for all of your speakers/educators. I understand the costs are huge, maybe some volunteers or community watch program. So far approximately 89 holistic alternative healers, MD's and health specialists have been murdered by the pharmaceutical industry mafia cartels. Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 80 Dead
    By Erin Elizabeth – March 12, 2016 – Disease creation and expansion is serious BUSINE$$!

  7. Thanks for the information on the keto-genic diet. I'm going to try it finally. It's very difficult for me to stick on a diet but, this diet looks very delicious and what's important is that I'll still be eating and not starving myself. Your explaination of the way to approach it is very simple and easy to do. Thank you so much. May God bless you.Greetings from New York City 🍎

  8. Dear Dr Eenfeldt , there is a Polish doctor ( Dr Jan Kwaśniewski), who, for at least 40 years already, is curing people from many illnesses permanently, or at least significantly improves their life quality by -what he calls "optimal diet". He wrote many books and publications on this subject("Optimal Diet" -"Dieta Optymalna"2nd edition 1996 Katowice; "Fat Life" – "Tluste zycie" ?) and has saved thousands of legs from amputation ,helped with diabetes, MS, asthma, and many others. Hope you can find his life-work supportive in your "mission". Maybe one day scientists/doctors/practitioners can convince "mainstream" before next generations will be manipulated into living this promoted harmful lifestyle. All the best.D.

  9. Thank you so much doctor for your useful advice. I'm in keto for 6 months. I'm happy for that but I made a blood test and the results made me concerned. My triglyceride was 300 mg/dl. Hdl and Ldl was fine and cholesterol 209 mg/dl. I can't understand why are so high. Please can you give me some advice about that? thank you so much in advance for your amazing job.

  10. Poor Semmelweis. We studied his research in my university Medical Philosophy course. [The German and Austrian doctors at the university also discredited him because he was Hungarian, so there was some discrimination and xenophobia going on.] The hand cleaning practice was never fully implemented until Lister (British) made the practice popular in European medical teaching.

  11. Thank you so much for publishing this updated edition to your 2011 AHS Food Revolution talk – a presentation that, I would argue, is probably the most important and clear talk with regards to low carb nutrition, and one of the most important talks ever to be presented to the public on the topic of health. Your effort at informing the public about low carb has changed thousands of lives. I wish as many people were exposed to this presentation as they are to fast food. The world would definitely be a better place if that were the case.

  12. Surgical bulimia. I never thought of it that way, but you're right. That just hurts my heart so much. And to think, there are hungry people in this world, and people with eating disorders…and here people are pouring food into the toilet. I could just cry. Humanity needs healing so, so very much. And I know you're helping with that. <3 (:

  13. Went for my checkup back in June. I had been on low carb, then went into Keto. I don’t have a weight problem, but with age, triglycerides and A1c pre diabetic. Doctor was surprised I already started Keto and knew about. Not only that, he knew of it, was on Keto, and gave me a pamphlet on LCHF, the pamphlet referring to Diet Doctor. At 70, I’ve been on Keto for 4 months. Thank you for a great lecture and video on something I’m involved with, and you are involved with. Good Luck with your journey, thanking you for taking us along!

  14. LCHF and Keto has absolutely changed my life. Through your site, and others, I have begun to heal my body in ways I never thought possible. Thank you so much for this valuable information that you're sharing. You really are saving lives!! <3