An App That Makes You Have Dreams
( new ipad version called altered states , to me doesnt work as good but looks a lot better )
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  1. Hi I have a question most of the time when people lucid dream they force them self, and have a really scary after effect.
    Would you still have the after affect if you use this app pleas respond because I really don't want the after effect

  2. so much it is powerful that one would only be believed in inception version htc iphone bug the subconscious does not pass well but the dream incredibly so real is visited and of the first cost right has to fix the red point according to the two modes reality check or dream

  3. haha black guys sound cool man….. we don't hear african american accents in australia, obviously, a lot of white americans, but they sound kinda annoying , no offence. dreams man, they've been with us from the beginning of time and reveal so much, and yet we know fuck all about them. even science has no idea where we go and why our mind plays us short films….

  4. You're using headphones right? I was just curious because you didn't mention it I. The review. If you're not, then you're using it wrong and your dreams are are probably the result o the placebo effect. I just bought the app tonight and I'm a bit skeptical of it, bit I'll try it out nonetheless. I'll let you know how it works out.