Can a Fasting Mimicking Diet reverse Type 1 Diabetes and regenerate beta cells in the pancreas? Find out in this video.
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  1. Ok I thought you talked about how fats are really bad..then now you talk about how good they are. If Mediterranean diet reduced CAD by 20% and dr. Esselstyn's diet reduced CAD by would dr. Longo's diet be an improvement. Now call me really confused. I used to do a lot of real fasting on plain old water…the easiest fast to do..i fasted long times weeks and short times days. If I autophaged anything but my own muscle it didn't show. It made me weak and I took weeks to recover.

  2. 'the process of unlearning to not think'…the more theories that get presented the more confused the 'normality' gets and in steps the so called 'authority experts' and they can benefit economically…when the reality is we already know as it is inherent within us and around us if we simply get out of the way, hence, 'the process of unlearning to not think'…it is simple, eat fresh, eat seasonal, eat local, if possible, and avoid processed, fractured and so called 'foods in a package'…the circle is inside out, not outside in…so, trust the trust!!!

  3. These videos are great! I've done the research on a lot of these sources you site, and having someone like yourself who is knowledgeable on the subject o put it all together if of utmost importance. We need to get the word out. Keep doing what you are doing.

  4. Have you listened to this talk? Mid way through they start talking about how NO research study is true, none of them are factual. And Medical medium (Anthony Robbins ) opens his show with this disclaimer too about the information out there from studies research doctors etc… all are flawed at the very least & mostly bogus info funded by what industry funded it .

  5. Pretty sure I listened to every YouTube interview with dr longo (so understandably my memory of which interview it was🙄 🤷🏻‍♀️) the interviewer asked dr longo about keto (aka fat dominant diets like his fast mimicked) diets long term producing centenarians and dr longo said “it’s possible but it would take that long to know AND because we already know of cultures and there diets that live to be healthy over 100 years we point to there diet (for now).”
    I’m sure what’s fats ppl eat on a higher fat diet matter significantly.
    Have you tried a fat dominant diet verses carb/fruit dominant ? My husband eats fat dominant for his weight control (you eat way less quantity of food) and blood sugar while I eat fruit based low fats. I did a few 1 month keto diet (plant based) over the last 5 yrs and I feel really good on all levels when I do BUT I always end up missing the variety, the whole plant kingdom that’s naturally carb dominant, so I only last a few weeks at a time high fat. I also feel good low fat. If any thing messes with my body it’s getting to much fiber “for my body” so I juice a lot In Order to stay eating vegan.

  6. Longo is a bit of a shady character looking for angles. His 30% fat story makes no sense and when he was challenged on it his response was that no one will ever prove what the ideal amount of fat percent is for humans. Its a ridiculous statement as he is ignoring the evidence from mice, the Blue Zone fat percentages, short term metabolic studies. He also cant stop the olive oil which the town from where he originates produces. He is an obfuscater and can not be trusted.

  7. Great video! I’m wondering if you could do a video concerning grape juice with lemon fasting combined with dry fasting. I’m getting ready to start this protocol soon. I have read Dr. Longi’s book and listened to him on many podcasts. It seems his approach (vegan Keto solid foods) vs. grape/lemon with dry fasting would be incredible to compare. Especially with a focus on beta cells, pancreas, total regeneration. Thanks, Michelle

  8. Im type 1 and have gone 9 months without insulin whilst I was on a plant based keto diet. But I was skinny and blood sugar was always a fight. Although I kept it at a good level.

  9. This was very good, thank you. I think it's important to point out that Valter Longo has made it easier to do the FMD by using his packaged food kits for those five days, called ProLon, obtained through a doctor qualified by Longo, and Longo does not profit from the sales of the food kits. According to vegan Dr. Joel Kahn, who uses it on himself (see his very short videos), it works great and it would be much more difficult to create your own FMD food kit yourself. Dr. Kahn says these kits or packages are formulated just right, so you don't get ravenously hungry on the FMD. His patients are showing great blood tests results.
    For very in-depth nutritional interviews, watch Dr. Longo's being interviewed by Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

  10. I don't understand what the fasting mimicking diet consists of. Before he mentioned the 60% carbs, 30% fat, 10% protein, He said it was a high fat diet. So how exactly do we eat for those 5 days? It's not clear at all to me, but I'd love to know because I have a lot of healing to do.