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DISCLAIMER: The discussion of this video is type 2 diabetes. If you have diabetes, please investigate further before making drastic changes. This video is of course not meant to be a prescription or to be interpreted as medical advice. The aim is for it to be a stepping stone towards finding what works for your specific personal case. Being on a low carb diet or a keto diet will induce certain physiological changes that you’d do well to be aware of. For example most people think a ketogenic diet is accompanied by an inevitable “keto flu,” but in most cases this can be avoided by taking some sodium. Many many people are experiencing improvements on a low carb or keto diet and/or a fasting protocal, but of course you need to consider how this would interact with whatever medications you may be taking or other factors that make your case unique.

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  1. My mother is a diabetic, and was forced to go to a class for Medicare. The woman running the class basically told them they could eat anything, but in 'moderation' . And that they could always inject more insulin if they wanted to have something with more carbs. My mom brought up low carb/keto diet (what I want her to eat, but doesn't) and keeping blood sugar low and the woman told her that wasn't healthy and not recommended for diabetics. They handed out pamphlets with meal suggestions for restaurants. I shit you not, their recommendation for Bob Evans was pancakes and syrup! This was a mandatory governmental class! Oh, another fun fact, the class was funded by the manufactureres of insulin!

  2. The simplest way to get rid of insulin sensitivity is to stop eating snacks. They usually contain too much sugar, and our bodies need to return to a resting, or fasting state. There are studies that show that low carb diets shorten lifespan. This is probably because there are so many protective qualities about plants and health. So to say we dont need carbs is very irresponsible. We need fiber, we need the micro nutrients.
    I think the scariest thing about disabling myths is that the authors replace them with more myths. All the longest lived people in the world are low meat eaters, without exception, unless you count lacto ovo vegetarians as not being meat eaters.
    This is simply more unhealthy advice for people who just need to eat 3 well balanced meals a day and eliminate simple sugars and excess fat from their diet.

  3. Everyone blaming carbs just think about starches with fat in them.
    Carbs: potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits, legumes.

    Not pizza, donuts, pasta with oils and salsas .

  4. Myth 1: Diabetes is irreversible
    Myth 2: You must count calories to lose weight (and improve diabetes)
    Myth 3: A calorie is a calorie
    Myth 4: The fat you eat is the fat you wear
    Myth 5: Fat causes insulin resistance
    Myth 6: You need carbohydrates

  5. I love the keto diet and my IF. No I’m not overweight or diabetic. Yes, I’d say I do keto light because if I want honey in my tea, I’ll have some and if I want a piece of fruit, I’ll have it, but I cook all my food and I love the recipes! And so do my dogs!

  6. Just like for the gay lobby, feminist lobby and civil rights lobby, keeping homophobia, misogyny and racism alive ensures a reliable supply of cash, so too for the diabetes lobby, keeping diabetes prevalent keeps their cash flow healthy by ensuring that people remain diabetic.

  7. Several decades ago the sugar industry conglomerates paid scientists to push the blame on (trans) fats instead of where the scientific studies led to….the extreme danger of sugar consumption.
    True Story…

  8. I was pre diabetic with hypertension at 20 years old. My weight was 316lbs and my height was 6'4. I transitioned from eating fast food and soft drinks all the time to the omad keto diet and only drinking water. I've lost 60lbs and am no longer pre diabetic or suffering from hypertension. Still losing weight aiming for 210.

  9. I am type 1 diabetic so they have me on the insulin train…
    If type 2 diabetics can make their bodies produce insulin by not taking insulin while getting help from certain foods to help their bodies produce it, then why can't type 1 diabetics do it?

    If anybody has ANY idea on how I can get rid of type 1 diabeties then PLEASE let me know…
    I can spot pharmaceutical shills so don't start with the "Oh, don't you know that there isn't any cure for diabetes..?" cause it AIN'T gonna work.