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Hi welcome back to our YouTube channel, today here we are going to talk about NATURAL ED TREATMENT in this video. There are lots of peoples worldwide who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and they don’t know how they have erectile dysfunction and how they can get rid of ED or how they can treat themselves. In this video we will tell you about how you can treat yourself or your ED at home easily by just using these tricks which are shown in this video. This video is very easy and helpful to know about how you can get rid of ED at home, for those peoples who don’t know about it. So, if you want to get rid of Erectile dysfunction then you should watch this video.

In this video Michael Greger M.D talks about the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and about how a watermelon is the perfect NATURAL ED TREATMENT to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Three quarters of men with heat disease having erectile dysfunction, Michael investigated further and found a link between eating water melon and reduced penis issues. Up to three quarters of men with cholesterol narrowed coronary arteries have some degree of erectile dysfunction. Medication is a temporary – and expensive – solution that can cause hazardous side effects. A more intensive effort that involves much more than popping a pill can yield longer- term improvements in both sexual function and cardiovascular health. Erectile dysfunction can be develop due to diabetes also. The people who has diabetes then he may be have erectile dysfunction. Oral L-Citrulline Supplementation improves Erection hardness in men with mild erectile dysfunction.
Citrulline found in water melon. The peoples who has erectile dysfunction they should have eat lots of watermelon as well as 3 and half a day.
To know more about NATURAL ED TREATMENT then watch this full video carefully.
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