Eckhart explains what he means by the “power of now” and how tapping into the underlying consciousness of the universe is a way we can experience that power.


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  1. You are all sick in this comments, i dont even need to watch this video. Been there and you are just all brainwashed if you dont trust yourself and listen from someone else mind that he know what is best for you. Good luck. Dont go to a rabbit hole and dig out of those enlightment videos, lot of ppl in this world are already enlighted by normal nature. You never listen yourself truely iv helped you guys there more then any guru or any enlightment video would help you. Now go and enjoy life and stop wondering peaceee.

  2. This has been very enlightening. Reading his book changed my life and my way of thinking to take time to take a step back and not focus on the future too much but in the present. That not all is as bad around me as I think it is. That physical things that I once had and lost never defined me that I have that self-esteem within me all along.

  3. i think dis is good trick 2 remind us 2 stay in d present moment n feel d awareness NOW… programme ur brain dat whenever ur phone rings or hear a msg tone or any notification…u will immediately become alert,aware b in d present moment…HERE N NOW…
    try it NOW
    well thanks 2 eckhart…

  4. Eckhart is right. Ancient spiritual masters talked about the power of now but it’s remained hidden. The Sufi Persian poet Hafez also mentioned it in his poems. 🦋
    Some people in Iran (Persia) even replace Hafez’s book for for the Koran 📖

  5. In India there is no history or tragedy. In America there is nothing BUT history and tragedy, obsessed with slavery, holocaust, women didn't vote, all past tragedies, blaming people who had nothing to do with it. I prefer India to America in spirituality living in the power of now.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I never tire of listening to Eckhart. 🙂 He truly is the articulation of what spirit says to me. Often I experience synchronicity between what has passed through my mind recently and what he is sharing on any video of his I happen to click on here. 🙂 This time, it was his mention of creativity as an expression of ATI. I was feeling quite joyful lately thinking after I recover from an up-coming surgery, I am looking forward to expressing more creativity in my life. It was neat to hear him speaking of what I had been thinking of in this context, as well. What a beautiful gift this man is to our world, and we all know he is just what we require right now to get us all on track to bring about a more loving, beautiful humanity. 🙂

  7. And, I feel that this is more respectful to Goddess, they were saying I did not dishonor the Goddess, which I liked. But then it looks as if everyone else dishonors, even though it admits that is false. As a result This setting feels very 'unopened' and unrealistic, the more you can relax the better, and this is kind of making it so you never will in some situations. That's why I discourage the composite direction layout idea, not that it couldn't help a hiker or something but that in terms of directions being philosophies, and people in everyday situations, I don't think its that relevant. I just feel like I'm coming up to things in very like exaggerated ways and no one is really talking so it ends up being funny, which it is, but at the same time I kind of have remorseful feelings about the idea of continuing this style. Its moreso than just being the better idea in a set of two, its transcending this idea of opposites clashing together, when you realize it isn't actually reflecting the reality.

  8. I forgot to pay my bill, I thought for too long: this is not now, other thing I did better of your teachings Eckhart. Thank you for your teachings. I used to be insane, now just a little. Love and peace for everyone 🙂

  9. 1. No one has ever experienced an awakening. Now is now and not working to become now at some point in a future, as the future can never be present. Only presence is present.

    2. You can’t get in touch with the now starting under the assumption you must get in touch with it.

    3. There is no such thing as the “deepest sense”. There are no levels to presence, consciousness, now or whatever word that means to you all there is of all there is.

    4. No one ever went into the presence because presence never vacated its own immensity.

  10. Hi Eckhart Thank you so much for your tips. Any tip on this one? How parents can deal with a child who has a life-threatening condition such as peanut allergy or any food allergy for that matter. An anaphylactic shock can take your most precious loved one to the gates of death in less than 10 mn. Even if you control the environment parents are bombarded with anxiety and worry on a daily basis. How do you live when a Damocles sword is above your head for the rest of your life?

  11. As a Christian, I always judge this man as a deceiver and he is going to hell, but after learning that Christianity has a pagan influences, a religion that is an apostasy of the Biblical prophets teachings, then I begin the doubt and only leads people to desperation and guilt, which steals the true happiness in living. Now I am an observant of everyday living and separated myself from religions, and I see this man now in a different view, what he says makes a lot of sense.
    The ego that this man teaches is almost the same with Evil Inclination of Judaism.

  12. I honestly think anyone who reads the power of now should just excersize and meditate. I was already "woke" prior to the book through my activities. The back actually took me further away from "the power of now" or a medative state because it made me internelize what I was doing and it's impossible not to considering the book is wrote in words and the brain is what interprets words. Tbh everything the book says is true but it's an information overload I just ended up creating this fake "power of now" in my head when I was already using it prior to reading 🙁 it's been a strange 6 months.

  13. I love this man. I listen to this video late at night, close my eyes and l just cannot help but give a giant smile and laugh in revelation! His gentle mannerisms give me such a warm feeling ! His messages really resonate with me!