While type 2 diabetes cannot be reverse, complications can be prevented by maintaining a healthy body weight, eating several small meals a day and exercising regularly. Take diabetes medications as prescribed by a doctor with advice from a family nurse practitioner in this free video on diabetes treatments.
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Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


  1. another problems that forces us disabled people to eat very cheap food is teh rich american savage low lifes in the white house keep raising our portiion of the rent every so many years and they dont raise our food stamps to match the amount of more rent we have to pay which victimizes us disabled people severly and puts our health in extreme danger and makes us die alot sooner in life being victimized financially by the savage lwo lifes millionaires in the white house is one hundred times worse then being victimized physically or even killed because u suffer alot more and u suffer for many yeas i rather have a hoodlum beat the shit out of me then be victimized fiinancially by the sick in the head savage white american politicians

  2. i live off teh tax payers im disabled and since the government gives me and other disabled people very little money to live on we are forced to eat cheap food like pasta etc that causes diabetes adn other health problems healthy food is way too expensive for us to buy especially on a daily basis

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  8. WeII, ln 2014, British researchers (led by Professor Roy TayIor of Newcastle University) announced that diabetes (even advanced type 2 diabetes) can be reversed through diet changes. SpecificalIy, they discovered that Type 2 diabetes can be COMPLETELY REVERSED by diet alone. As a matter of fact… after 1 week, blood sugar normaIized. By 4 weeks, normaI insuIin production returned. After that, participants ate normaIIy.

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  10. @DestinyOrDevineDela I don't think it's type 2 since it has to deal with weight. I'd go to another doctor to make sure. There is a whole food nutrition drink I know of that has helps other people with diabetes. I do agree that it doesn't sound right.

  11. My doctor says I have type 2 diabetes.. I weigh 124lbs and I have 5'8. I am 16 years old. Is he wrong? I thought I was supposed to get it when I was an adult.. Diabetes runs in my family though, so I'm not sure if type 2 is right.. I may have always had it they say. I went in for surgery when I was 8 for a "sist" or however you spell it. it was under my arm and Idk I want to know if it might be type 1 but they never found it..

  12. BS. We CAN REVERSE Diabetes, mainly through diet. That's Western Medicine funded by Pharmaceutical Companies. They want to keep us sick, so that we keep buying their Poisoned Pills that cures nothing. Go Vegetarian, juice vegetables, eat Fruit. This is the cure for type 2 Diabetes.