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  1. Thanks for the info. We almost spent $10 ,000 on these Chiropractors that are using programs as part of their business to reverse Diabetes. Basically paying people a big amount of money to tell you what to eat..Ridiculous. This is life saving info

  2. No carbs, low carbs, Keto, yes carbs, WTF? I've tried it all, exercise, no exercise and I can't even lose one pound. I don't eat sugar or junk. I even asked my doctor to put me in a coma for six months, but I'd probably gain 50 pounds.

  3. Wow, gotta say, this is one of the slickest snake oil pitch men I've seen. I hope I'm wrong, but the evidence is right there.

    Here's my take: on the surface the things I see being pitched seem solid and evidence based, and public domain. So far, so good, but also the first rule of scamming… get 'em to agree w/ you on commonly established facts.

    Follow the path that you'll be led down. It's a familiar one if you've been using the internet for a long while and seen countless scam artists at work. Before you know it, you're being pitched a gimmick that isn't being talked about elsewhere in legitimate circles, i.e. not commonly agreed upon — in Yuri's case, Super Resistant Potato Starch (the likely snake oil), including an expensive membership plan to keep the snake oil and his books coming to you. I'm sure there's even more $$ pitches after that.

    Not sure what I'm referring to? Then click the link in the description for the Diabetes Debacle. That document is fairly well balanced and evidence based (rule 1 of scammers), until you get to his recommendation at the end, which leads you to his snake oil pitch link/document — his "Defeating Diabetes" which begins with Is This Mysterious “Super Starch” The Miracle Diabetics Have Been Hoping For? Miracle. Say it with me, "Miracle". What you'll wind up with is a long rambling and shouting high pressure snake oil pitch (they ALL sound and look the same), complete with endlessly long rambling exposition that looks, in form and content, exactly like the many scams you've seen before, appealing to people that are afraid (of diabetes, in this case) and ending with an endlessly repeating pitch to get your money.

    – Big bold headlines and tons of exclamation marks, and warnings

    – Insinuation that you're getting information that "they" don't want you to know (aka, conspiracy theory)

    – The scientists at the FDA and pharma companies are out to kill you — "Big Pharma… they’ll kill you faster than doing nothing at all.

    – Speaking of "his" pitch "It’s the ONLY solution!"

    – diet solutions with "No thinking required…"

    – his exercise plan with NO MOVEMENT required

    "Make the ONLY smart choice you can make by clicking the Add to Cart button below now"

    "If you reach out and click that Add to Cart button, in just a few short weeks, and for the rest of your life, you’re going be so glad that you did."

    – And of course "You will get worse if you don’t take action today."

    Ironically, magic potato starch could be a legitimate supplement at some level, but the format Yuri uses to tell you that is the exact same method used by disreputable hawkers over the decades and centuries. Before enthusiasts beat me up about this view, please look for yourself at his "miracle" pitch, and see the ways and wares of common internet scammers. Pretty hard to miss.

    OK, now my question to Yuri is, if you're potato starch pitch is valid why choose to look so scammy when you could be reserved and legitimate and confident in your methods, if all you say is authentic (re: potato starch and $$ pitch, etc)?

    Somebody please correct me with facts and real knowledge about this, if you have it. I'm not questioning Yuri's general, public domain nutritional advice. It's the pitch for your money that doesn't pass the smell test, for me, at least.

  4. Lots of good info, but not quite the full truth. Fat (especially saturated) must be significantly limited for best outcomes. No need to fear fruit and starchy carbohydrates. Glycemic index/load is outdated and misleading.

  5. Yuri, can you please tell me if oatmeal is good, or bad for me, who has type 2 diabetes? Thank you.
    On mornings I usually have, half a cup of oatmeal made with almond milk (I made), ground cloves, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, raisins, and fresh bluberries. I would like to know, if I should continue, or stop consuming it immediately!
    Thank you for this wonderful video, and God bless.

  6. Forget Stevia for no calorie sweetener. Read The Stevia Myth by Dr Bruce Fife. Apparently studies have shown it is worse than sugar. Stevia is not what we think it is and the marketing of it has proven to be all hype and little fact. Not sure what a safe sugar substitute could be? I'm wondering is it the same for all sweetners like xylitol. I use Natvia which is a combination of Stevia (0.56%) and erythritol.

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  9. Prednisone was utilized to heal my pneumonia, nonetheless, the medicine also stimulated the increase of my blood glucose levels that resulted in diabetic issues. During that time, my A1C is 10.1, which is extremely high. I just read “amazing fivu com” (Google it) – that is basic and easy to comprehend. I have undergone a retesting 2 months later and the end result implies that (my A1C had decreased to 6.8 just .3 above normal).

  10. Thanks for all you yuri,
    I have a question for everyone who believes they have the best answer;
    So im a prediabetic, and im wondering what is a great breakfest to start the day with?

  11. Dr. Roy Taylor, professor at The University of Newcastle and Director of their Magnetic Resonance Center, has been successfully testing a hypothesis for the past 10 years that quick and dramatic weight loss by severe caloric limitation brings one's fasting glucose level to normal within 1 week and one's a1c to normal within 8 weeks. His research is funded by Diabetes UK and his success rate is 80%. It's an 8 week program of eating 800 calories per day, roughly the same amount of calories that Bariatric surgery patients consume after surgery. If you search YouTube for Roy Taylor and diabetes you'll connect with verifiable, empirical evidence of cutting edge research for eliminating Type 2.

  12. Realistically, I know that we all should be eating the way that's recommended here, …but
    everyone of us is weak in certain ways, like for example I can't seem to part with bread.
    I try to keep it down to about one a day, some days none some two slices, any how since I know it's not the healthiest choice I get high fiber types and I also buckle when it comes to the
    occasional diet soda I just can't help it !!

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  14. Flour + water (breads) = glue which is the cause of inflammation in the body. Use sweet tasting starchy veg eg corn, sweet potatoes, pumpkin on your plate to encourage eating more greens.

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