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About this video:
We invited women from 18 – 50 (and every age in between) to respond to “Does size matter?” These are their responses.

18 Lindsay
19 Jolie
20 Anna
21 Grace
22 Madison
23 Katie
24 Lila
25 Alexa
26 Jessica
27 Jina
28 Batul
29 Swathi
30 Rhea
31 Tamara
32 Maureen
33 Kimberly
34 Erin
35 Paulina
36 Déjà
37 Angie
38 Kari
39 Erin
40 Jeannie
41 Michelle
42 Lisa
43 Chaundra
44 Sharisse
45 Barbie
46 Agnes
47 Regina
48 Annittah
49 Rie
50 Mary

Scott Calvert – PA
Marina Taylor – PA

Chanel by Buddy Ross

Does size matter | Women | One Word | Cut

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  1. Thank my God, I am a Muslim ; fornication is illegal in my religion, 98% of Muslim women stay virgin until marriage.
    We already have a decent cock as North Africans, and our women are virgin and have a tight pussy, so it is all fine for us.

    Since you like fornication, assume the responsabilty of your sexual freedom. So non-muslim guys have a good luck with your slut women, I hope they don't cheat on you for a bigger dick 😂😂😂😂.
    Now, I understand why so many people convert to Islam, and Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth.

  2. Generations have been demoralized these women and men who drive for sex and nothing else are very disgraceful to the world. BTW to some women out there, your vagina is too shallow and tight or it smells bad and grows too much hair.

  3. When you really think women can be a threat to a man's self esteem. Yet women see men as threats or bad influences. Some girls so needy it can make man want to kill himself. Yeah men are needy but rarely see men on youtube saying I except a vagina to be tight and clean and etc. Think about it.

  4. Regardless of what anyone says if your penis is 5.5 inches (the average most common length) you’re just fine but if all you do is touch for a couple seconds then put it in it doesn’t matter
    if it’s a 12 or 2 inches

  5. Course size it matters….if you have big wallet,the better the sex always….access all areas!!!
    But it does matter, eyes smile with a big one,gets in deeper and more to bounce on….unless you have a tiny pussy….unlikely in the uk

  6. One of the reasons i never kissed a girl is they sucked a lotta dick and shitloads of jizz were unloaded there and it was probably swallowed most the time and i don't want to catch a non labeled desease and this vid confirms it just look at there lips i like to skip straight to the banging

  7. Some pussies are just to tight when u fuck em your dick gets irritated and some times u can get like small stretch wounds on the dick, the other way around if the girl is to loose and not really attractive you can just fuck her forever, and your mind will get irritated and then it is even harder to cum, and i dont like fucking without cumming so there it is: size does matter, but you know woman dont care about truth anyway, it is all about sounding polite and what have we.

  8. Hey, Cut, this focal length of the lens you are using is really bad for the people you are recording. It enlarges the closest features, here – a nose, which worsens the look of everyone