The only animated MOVIE version of the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde makes death such fun… or more disturbing, you decide!
Originally aired: July 3, 2013
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  1. I loved the book. Dr. Jekyll was a seemingly perfect person but he secretly wanted to do evil things so he created the potion, thinking that he could remain in control of his immorality but Mr.Hyde slowly starts trying to take over.

  2. This was amazing! lol Love those older movies for kids they were realistic & showed kids the world isn't all gumdrops & sugerfalls. Whatever the fuck that means. lol

  3. I'm always disappointed none of these film versions ever adapt the actual book. Like the fact they always try and pretend that Jekyll is a good guy who's manipulated by Hyde in some way. But in the book Jekyll claims to be good yes. But he also freely admits that he feels constricted by his reputation as an upstanding citizen. He takes the potion intentionally in order to live out a life doing what he always wanted to do with no consequences. The horror at the end where he starts changing without the potion isn't because he's trying to redeem himself, it's because if he gets stuck as Hyde he could be caught and forced to actually pay for his crimes.

    Anyway, good video! Despite my Jekyll/Hyde themed hang ups.