Some views of my layouts new section and testing the AR1
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Ed Reverser – Conversion Monster W/ Huge Payouts (view mobile)


  1. Also missed THIS one! Great explanation of how a auto reverser works. They really are that simple! IMHO, the BEST feature DCC has to offer!!
    although losing ALL my blocks is a close second, NOT having to toggle my way through a reversing section beats even sound! 🙂

    My only difference is, I'm going with reversers with auto turnout control. I'll have hands free control of both ends of a single track dogbone. Also, alternating directions around the reverse loops, because it will always leave a loop with the turnout thrown the opposite of the way it came in!

  2. hey Jimmy… did i turn you into a reversing monster… LOL glad you liked it & i was very happy to help you out.. thanks for the shout out… vinny
    BTW… have a safe & Happy New year