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What are the specifics of creating your own Erection Switch so that you can get and stay hard in any situation you need to? Well, it’s actually a 5 step formula. 5 steps, which if you follow in order, will enable you to create an Erection Switch which you can flip whenever you want to experience a rock-solid erection. And what I’ve done is I’ve outlined these 5 steps in a program called Get And Stay Hard.

So, what exactly are you going to get in Get And Stay Hard?

You’re going to get
My proven 5 step formula for creating your own Erection Switch, which you can flip in any situation to give you a rock-hard erection no matter how nervous you are, how tired you are or what your lover does.
A fool-proof technique for instantly eliminating nervousness, fear and performance anxiety… One of the things you’ll discover in this training is that emotional states like nervousness don’t happen because of who you are, but they are in fact something that you create by what you do. I’ll show you what to do so you eliminate or at the very minimum significantly reduce experiencing these limiting emotions during sex
My closely guarded list of the foods that kill your erection power – which you should obviously avoid and my list of special foods that dramatically increase the strength and power of your erections and the contents of these 2 lists will shock and surprise you.
Specific physical and muscle techniques that naturally super-charge your erection strength and give you the ability to remain hard even when you’re challenged the most.
The secret to rapidly recovering an erection… whether you’ve just orgasmed or whether you’ve had your “flow” interrupted – I’ll reveal what to do to return a hard erection in less than 3 minutes.
My “reverse-engineer and reprogram” technique for re-wiring your brain to overcome any past fears or negative experiences that have been holding your erection strength and sexual abilities back… and I’ll also show you how to use this technique to implant rockstar confidence so that even the hottest and most intimidating woman can’t dent your self-esteem or erection strength.
Much, much more.

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