Discover what chemtrails are and why they are a threat to our health and environment. Learn who is behind them and how we can stop them now!

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What are chemtrails?

If you look up in the sky, you might see the trails airplanes leave behind. We call them condensation trails or contrails. Jet engines spew out hot, humid air in the cold atmosphere. This process causes condensation that crystallizes into ice.

Contrails usually dissipate within seconds. Chemtrails differ from contrails. They’re geo-engineered aerosols that contain toxic chemicals. White streaks often crisscross the sky as aircraft fly back and forth.

Chemtrails have nothing to do with the jet engine combustion process. Water samples of areas affected by chemtrails contain alarming levels of heavy metals. People under chemtrail attacks report respiratory and flu-like illness, mental confusion, and depression.

So who is spraying our skies?

Weather Modification Technology

Government agencies flat out deny that chemtrails exist. In one document the United States Government admits the existence of chemtrails.

There are also several patents relating to chemtrails and geoengineering. Government disinformation artists and the media join forces to dismiss chemtrails. Those who want to speak out about chemtrails and the global warming hoax get silenced.

So why would the government spray its citizens?

New World Order

An elite group of people controls the world, not the government. If you follow the money, it takes you up the levels of a pyramid. At the bottom of this pyramid is ordinary people like you and me. Above us is the government. At the next level are the corporations.

Big banks loan money to them at special rates. Above the banks are national central banks, then international banks. At the top is the Bank for international settlements.

Our central banks are privately owned. Elite families like The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others still control it today. Central Banks are banking cartels, which control the governments of the world.

The secret agenda of the banking elite is nothing less than total global domination. What they want to create is a “New World Order.” The last thing they need to control is big agriculture and world trade.

There are several reasons the elite uses chemtrails. First, they spray our soils with toxins to prevent us from growing vegetables.They do this to break our independence.

Another function of chemtrails is to aid the weather manipulation technique called HAARP. Weather modification, or ‘geoengineering’ started in the first half of the 20th century.

HAARP Earthquake

HAARP has the capability for everything from weather manipulation, mind control and more.

Small independent farming collapses because of the extremes of weather. That is the reason why we see so much flooding, droughts, hurricanes, and earthquakes.


Another plan of the ruling elite is to eliminate the majority of the world’s population. Sterilization is one of the many evil ways they want to kill us.

Another way they try to wipe out the population is by using GMOs. They destroy our digestive system and cause allergies. Monsanto’s bestseller herbicide Roundup is a health hazard. The World Health Organization warned that glyphosate in Roundup might cause cancer.


Another use of GMOs is to destroy independent farming and take control of all food. The goal of this elite is to replace all crops with GMOs. Monsanto can patent seeds and own the rights to all vegetables.

They also have plants that can withstand aluminum, droughts, and floods. By manipulating the weather, they can stop their competition. In that way, farmers have to either sell their land or use GMOs.

How You Can Stop Chemtrails

1. Take pictures or videos of chemtrails and share them
2. Download the app flightradar24 to your iPhone or Android phone.
3. Press the AR symbol in the upper left corner of this app if you see a chemtrail.
4. Post the info in this document

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