If you Want Free From this problem like Overthinking, Negative Thinking and Worries About all Problem, Keep Watching This Video,

Human Life is made of plenty of problem, like Relationship, Study, Career, Money, Family and Job Etc,
Life progresses in one direction. But it is also in three part: past, present and future.
1.We Can See back what happened in Past, But Can’t Watch what happen in future,

2. We can’t change our past situation, but, we can change our future with right decision.

3. We learn from our past problem and situation,and make new learning for bright future,

So Which type of Future You Want, Bad Future or Bright Future.
In Bad Future Just Do two things,
First, just think about future not to do anything for that,
Second,curse your past life situation and Waste Time and Health Both.
Where in Bright Future, To Stop Negative Thinking, Worries and Overthinking Follow This Three Steps
First Step, Keep Busy YourSelf / focus in present.
►In This Step ,
Starting of the Day, Wake up in the morning. After Breakfast, Make To-do List, About Most Important Things, Hobbies, and skill

Then Start doing Most important things like your project,
Enjoy Your Hobbies like reading, play guitar, and develop your skill cycle riding, or new language keep busy
And still you have time spend with family, friends,and relative
Because Spend Extra Time For Health & Family that More Valuable than your unnecessary Thinking or worries,

Now Second Step, Ask this 4 Question to solve your problem or negative thoughts,
Before go to this step, lets take example of situation and that solution.
In college,The boy fell in love with the girl of his class, The girl refused his proposal on Valentine’s Day in front of whole class.

Now,after two years, this boy still thinking about that girls love, this is negative thinking or overthinking
He has two best solution for his bright future is that
First accept past situation that inevitable or unpreventable. Let it go.
Second Start new way, new career or relationship spend time for develop himself.

Still he can’t follow this step, So he do what he’s doing for his future. “JUST CURSE HIS PAST”
And waste his time, money and health.

Now , For your study, career, Relationship, job and business or any problem.
you can follow this question and you get best solution for that .

First one, What is your Problem and negative thoughts?
Second, What is cause your problem and negative thought? Accept that worst situation first,
After that Third, What are all solution for that problem or thought?
Last one, What is Best Solution for that problem? So, you can take right action , NOW.

One only one last step , that you should remember world best opinions in life time.
First, corrie ten boom says negative thinking or worry does not empty tomorrow of its troubles. But its empty today of its strength.

And buddha also says that if you can solve problem, than what is the need of worrying? Right,
And if you can’t solve it. Then what is use of worrying? Right

So Friends Remember this three easy Step and Write Down and Stick it on your Mobile or Wall.

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  1. Somtimes it is best to let go and accept and work on yourself and move on because worry and over thinking can destroy your life if abused like most people or some or few do and i am one of them.this is a great video thankyou

  2. WTH THANK YOU!! I followed your steps and I feel so much better! I still remember it but when I think of it I say… He wasnt the man for me I'm looking forward to meet a new boyfriend and I have to say that I didn't regret it, because I learned from that. I learned that I have to think about now and not about yesterday..or the past! THANK YOUUUUUUU♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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  5. I was listening to your video ( how to get rid of your negative thoughts? last night ,I found it very tough & confusing to follow such as try to think our body is not mine, it belongs to nature.Generally people like such talks because we always think if we want to achieve something in life always we have to choose hardest & toughest ways as there is a famous saying short cut does not bring success. whenever we listen to this saying there is fear comes in our mind that as getting success is very tough most of us step back instinctively. Sir the session which you conducted guiding that our body is not mine it belongs to nature so we have to think in this way that nothing belongs to us; everything belongs to nature. My question is to you that how many people who attended that session would give you Rs 500 to Rs 1000 if you ask them to lend you that money & you will give them back later? because as they already came to know from that programme that if our body does not belong to us then money also does not belong to us , everything belongs to nature. AS all of us never want hear NO you might not like my comment or you can like it, that's up-to you. You may know better than me but I found that method is not useful.

  6. U sound like the guy who told me to unplug my modem wait 10 sec and plug it back in to reset when i call when my internet is out .. lol..either way it works.. you just have to reset your thinking