How to install chain link fence.

Propriety of techniques and materials used in chain link fences and wanted to
0:04show you to examine this yard but before we do that we gotta get the posts in
0:08this post holes are two feet deep and 6 inches wide at the top but we used to
0:13him post hole digger to make them a little wider at the bottom this means
0:18that even if the concrete doesn’t go all the way down to the frost line will
0:21still be pretty stable the movement of the ground in winner will push the
0:25footing around and not defensive line we start by setting our corner gate and
0:30then post the walls of our poster point zero 65 inches thick
0:35dinner post material probably won’t be strong enough these terminal post as
0:41they’re called are two inches in diameter on the outside and six feet
0:45long we set the post so that it sticks out about 50 inches above the ground we
0:52hold the post plum while we pour the concrete a rounded
1:04enough we make our final adjustments to the post of that it’s absolutely plum in
1:09both directions on this side oiler fine you don’t need to do anything right once
1:19we have all of our terminal Post said we can run a string between the terminal
1:22post to line up all of our line post now be nice to attach a string directly to
1:26the terminal post but we have to wait for the concrete care so instead will
1:30run the string on an attached to these posts got it there but one should just
1:35touch the terminal posts on the outside the side away from the house and we
1:39pulled this is Titus we can now use this line 2 position online post the line
1:45post which I the post in the middle of the fence are one and five eighths
1:49inches OD or outside diameter and we said these to a little over forty six
1:54inches above the ground the outside edges of the post touched the line and
1:59of course the post has to be perfectly plump in both directions
2:05chain link fence poster set so they’re 10 feet apart or a little less and the
2:09spacing should be even along each stretch offense
2:12when you say your post and concrete you need to make sure that they aren’t
2:23disturbed for a couple of days we want to let the concrete totally cure because
2:27we put a lot of tension on the polls will be stretched the fence fabric an
2:34alternative to sending or posting concrete is to use anchoring devices
2:37like these this system is called a shoe and anchor system works want concrete
2:42using metal stakes we put up the terminal post in stretch the line
2:46between them we can do this right away since we don’t have to wait for the
2:50concrete to cure now we set our first line post we slip a post driver over the
2:57top of the post position the post and headed two or three times with a driver
3:03who led wait on the driver pushes the post into the ground
3:09then we check up for plum we keep driving it two or three times and check
3:23for plum again until the posters in the ground down to the proper height of the
3:27market he said now we take off a little of the side around the base of the post
3:33we don’t need much more than six inches out from the post then we dig down about
3:40six inches this gives us room to attach our anchoring device to secure the post
3:49we slipped the shoe over the top of the post and down into the hole then we
3:56drive these anchor blades into the ground we move on and set the line post
4:13on this run before we tightened down the acres and any of them once our top rails
4:23on which will talk about later we can make our final adjustments and tighten
4:27down the anchors one of the stands at the end of the fence looking down the
4:30line and the other one walks along it getting the post plum from side to side
4:34and tightening the shoes once the poster secured we replace the dirt inside
4:42around the bases and it’s a good idea to water these places quickly so the
4:47sidelines will disappear besides not having to wait for the concrete to drive
4:52the other advantage to anchoring post this way is that you can send your post
4:55to the exact type that you need now with a concrete post we have to cut the tops
4:59off to the right height for a four-foot high fence the terminal post should get
5:03cut to 50 inches above the ground and the line post get cut the 46 inches we
5:08do this with a two-inch pipe cutter holding the bottom of the post with a
5:12pipe wrench to keep it from spinning in the concrete
5:15ok ok here we go any further we attach a lot of hardware to the post and will
5:23stop by slipping some tension bands over the terminal post this whole defense
5:27fabric to the terminal post we use for tension ban one for every put up fence
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  2. Anyone in la professional knows how to install chainlink fence w driveway rollgate in los angeles, my yard has it but its bent,n want it lil higher, n not has rollway gate w wheels

  3. Fuck all this shit, try doing it, it sucks. You'll need chanell locks, a driver bit on a cordless. The clamps they are using have been crimped back so they can put the bolt through easily, that's the part you don't see on the video.