Do you know how to back up correctly? Reversing is an essential skill for a road test. Watch the video! SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ► FOR YOUR ROAD TEST – DO NOT–DO NOT–TAKE OFF YOUR SEATBELT!!

When reversing, you do not have to wear your seatbelt,
And it is difficult to have your seatbelt on and move your body into the correct position in order to look out the rear window of the vehicle.

Most backing crashes occur because drivers move the vehicle before looking. It is important that you look before moving the vehicle, and look and observe the entire time that you are backing.

As well, back slowly—no more than a walking pace—for several reasons:

First, the vehicle turns sharper the slower you travel.
Second, travelling slowly gives you time to observe.
Third, going slowing gives you more time to react.
And finally, if you do hit something, a slow moving vehicle will do less damage than one travelling faster.

If you are having difficulty reversing go to an empty parking lot or other area where there isn’t any traffic and set up some cones.

Practice reversing in a straight line first, and then practice reversing around a corner.

And after you’re comfortable with those manoeuvres, practice reversing into a stall park. See the video here: “How to Reverse Stall (Bay) Park | Pass A Road Test Smart –

Good luck on your road test!
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  1. I'm pretty anxious about my test (especially since I got a job offer that requires a DL and will have to give it up if I fail the test). In my car, I feel like looking out the rear window gives me NO visibility when compared with using the side mirrors. When looking out the back window, I cannot see anything within maybe ten feet of the vehicle, including the entire parking space I'm trying to reverse into. So it's like a blind feeling game just praying I don't bump into anything. I just don't understand how you're supposed to keep track of how close everything is. >:

  2. I noticed with the advent of backup cameras, many are NOT choosing to use the standard backup-look method. Even though now, you're supposed to be looking at the screen in the dash, wouldn't this be the secondary aid in maneuvering? Or is there a primary/secondary rule?

  3. so I've been practicing meticulously in anticipation of my driving exam,,, and then, the day before I am to take it, I realize I did not one practice of reversing,,, so the next day I kinda just winged it and practiced a couple of times with your advice like an hour before my exam and it ended up working and I passed so thank you 😂

  4. So ik when reversing you keep your eyes on the back window but could you quickly do forward looks to check your surroundings, like a really close parked car or something, to make sure you're staying straight. I live in Florida btw

  5. May be the worst advise I have heard. No seat belt – wow wow wow – explain that to a cop. Note he did tell how to actually back up or even how to easily back into a parking space.

  6. I remember during my practices and on the road test. when I reverse, I keep the notion of stopping first, shifting the gear in the reverse position while having my foot on the brake, look over my shoulder and turn my body to look at the back of the car, and release my foot on the brake while it's still over it. I had one hand on the wheel. I admit, that I was nervous because I thought the examiner would penalize me for it, until I found out that they didn't. Nonetheless, I still had my seat belt on when I did this maneuver when reversing.

  7. please please please try to avoid using this technique. physically turning your body to look out the back window is a very bad habit. when turning your body away from the steering wheel, you leave only one hand to control the vehicle, your left hand, which for most people is their weak or non dominant hand. when you sit correctly in your seat, you can still ensure that you have complete control of your vehicle like you would if you would be driving forward. it is much better to use all three of your rear view mirrors to look behind you while reversing. the side mirrors should be positioned so that you can see down the side of your car and to the area to the sides of your rear bumper. and the middle rear view mirror should be positioned so that you can see your entire back window. use the side mirrors to see how close you are to any obsticals on each side of your car. you can even position the mirrors a little lower so that you can see the lines if you are reversing into a parking space. and another thing that people need to be very aware of while reversing is the front of your car. when steering while reversing, the front end of the car moves much more than the rear end. when you are sitting correctly in your seat, you can pay attention to the front end of your car as well as looking to the rear. also, if you change the way you’re sitting in your seat while reversing, it could change the way your feet are positioned on the pedals which will make it easier to step on the wrong pedal on accident, which can be disasterous. it is also important to always check your blind spots as well when reversing to make sure is it clear of obstacles. always check all three mirrors frequently to make sure your path is clear on all sides, as well as the front. i hope this helps anyone that may still have any questions or concerns.

  8. My class 3 road test is coming soon. Ive always been great at backing up in my everyday vehicles but when I'm practicing in the Gravel truck, I am the worst at backing up with only mirrors. It feels disorienting even though I know it's the same maneuver required. I'm so nervous and am hoping for some tips. Thanks for any advice.