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Here I interview Cyrus Khambatta, PhD of He has a PhD in nutritional biochemistry – we had a lot to talk about!

We talk about insulin resistance and how to become sensitive to insulin again.

If you have read The Vitality Secret, you will know that insulin resistance and inflammation go hand in hand. You will be inflamed to have insulin resistance and being resistant to insulin makes inflammation worse.

Type-2 diabetes is a result of become resistant to insulin. Our modern “healthy” diet is putting everyone on the road to becoming resistant to insulin and this is why we’re experiencing not only an obesity epidemic, but also a “diabesity” epidemic.

Too much insulin, leads to insulin resistance. One way to reverse insulin resistance is to stop eating the things that triggered it in the first place – sugar, high fructose corn syrup (a major villain in the US) and high GI carbs – anything made from wheat, rice (brown and white) and starchy potatoes.

There is more, as Cyrus explains…
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  1. But if type 2 eat big slide of water melon or 2 bananas blood suger spike Hight like 300 and more. You are type 1 and you take insulin but moste of type 2 take metformin only. So how is possible that fruts are good. Il you are allergic to something avoid it. It is the same. Avoid refined carb and eat whole food. Low carb reverse type 2 but high carb never reverse type 2 it deteriorating it. I am speaking by experience. Sir type 1 and type 2 are different. You take dr berg and dr jason etc for stupid men.

  2. Incredible civil conversation by 2 people on the opposite sides of the diet debate!
    They both agree that either approach will help Type 2 diabetes in the short run, but Cyrus believes that paleo is dangerous in the long run. Neil disputes that. If the heart disease issue is resolved in the public mind that paleo is OK then paleo may survive. But I don't think they discussed cancer and paleo which is another hurtle for paleo.

  3. This video in my opinion reflects the proper way for people to have an intelligent conversation about their dietary choices. In addition, it helps explain why two completely different strategies can both achieve the same end point (e.g. controlling insulin resistance). In both cases, it's important to listen closely not only to what these two guys are eating, but also to what they have eliminated from their diets. That's where the real benefits are.

  4. Both alopecia and diabetes are caused from iron overload… all those metal filings in all the grains. Chocolate is also way too high in iron…same with spinach. Get the iron out. (Give blood) It causes hyperpigmentation = too much melanin = too many liver enzymes…. hair falls out and gut gets damaged as well as liver, heart, pancreas and kidneys. It's nothing to do with fat or carbs.. it's all about too much iron. Look for hyperpigmentation on your body.. darker skin.. maybe at your knees or around your waist or at your elbows… classic sign of too much iron. If your skin looks like that then your liver looks like that too.
    Too little iron and you also lose your hair.
    You should be looking at hemochromatosis and HFE gene mutation.
    Your not healing yourself, your doing long term damage by withholding fat from your diet which will cause your bile to shut down and also you will lose your gut microbiome and gradually get sicker and sicker over time. Your getting short term gain but doing long term damage.
    "He asserts that the vegetarian does not act freely in his choice of diet. He is forced into it by the progressive collapse of his metabolism."

  5. Just found this, it is a little old but there a couple things I would like to know. Has a study been done on individuals who have successfully reversed their diabetes as to their actual insulin resistance? How much difference is there? Seems that high insulin resistance has other bad effects on the body. Second, I notice the tendency of the low fat side not acknowledging the glucose to fat generation of the liver which goes into the blood stream and it part of the fat there. And the other one is the high fat side seems to dismiss the fat coming from the diet. Since both are there in the blood stream, unless one much less than the other, it seems cut one source does the job in both? Has there been a study on this? Thanks.

  6. So Awesome to listen to you two debate these two "polar opposite" lifestyles! –especially since you (like Cyrus said) are able to do it in such a respectful manner! A couple of thoughts came up while you were speaking:
    1. What IF…!
    …there are "times" and "places" when eating a certain way is Optimal! "THE" Way to Eat! Well, probably most people can see that living in colder climates, people tend to eat more "paleo"; and those who live in more tropical climates, obviously, eat more "tropical"…raw/vegan.

    The thoughts that came to me were…
    Take our ancestors, for instance, say…they moved with the weather/the climate. When it got too hot in the tropics (or in other "southern"/depending on which hemisphere you're from), they moved "north." And when it got too cold in the "north" (south, if your from THAT half of the earth), they moved to warmer climates. They would naturally eat the foods that were available in the areas where they lived! Of course.

    Well, what if they DIDN'T move? What foods would be available to them? Would carbs (grains, fruits, veggies) be available in the "frozen tundra"!?! No. What would? Animal proteins! –with the fats that go with them! Supports the paleo–"Don't combine carbs with fats/proteins!" –or extremely limit them!

    Or, what if they just stayed where it was "hot" all the time? The tropics. Or other warm climates. Why chase down a chicken or a pig, when fresh fruit and veggies (ha!) "just SIT there"…ripe for the picking! And why go through the work of PREPARING the meat (meaning–not just the chasing down; but the killing, the skinning, the cutting up, the cooking…Big Work!), again, when fresh fruits and veggies just "hang out"–just waiting for someone to come along and pluck 'em! And start Munching! –with virtually NO prep!

    Another thought! The raw foodies say "we're tropical beings"–meant to LIVE in a tropical climate. So, what about when the fruit and veggies Aren't ripe yet, and ready for the picking? If the protein they recommend is to be about 8% of the diet–remember the "teeth analogy"…? We have all these flat teeth–for chewing and grinding…carbs (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes). But then what about those four canines–which make up about "8%" of our teeth! Ha! THERE it is! The magic # again! 8%! –for animal proteins–the teeth that can (sorry) "rip and tear" flesh. Ugh! Sounds TERRIBLE! Tastes delicious. Still. We live in a world that hasn't become perfected. Yet.

    Just some thoughts!

  7. High fat low carb diet is not just unhealthy isCruelty, sadness, pain, death , illness andPollution of planet bad karma , you body stinks, yourBreath stinks 😷, you body is acidic. My body tastes and smells delicious, lots of fruits and veggies.

  8. When looking at it from the paleo perspective, it just doesn't make sense to me. So all those skinny billion Chinese should vastly increase their eating of animals? And the rest of the world? It's not sustainable and thoughtless to these sentient creatures raised solely for the purpose of our eating them. And carbohydrates in the paleo community is such a bad word, but our bodies use the carbon and it's much easier to expel the hydate–oxygen and hydrogen. And the process of protein breakdown is much harder on the body. I suspect those that are paleo will suffer much liver and kidney disease as they get older.

  9. I am surprised that the "Mango Man" did not answer whether grains are part pf the diet. What no whole wheat, brown rice, oats etc? Were you being diplomatic inaccurate? Whole grains are a part of a vegetarian diet and rice is perhaps the most eaten grain on the planet.

  10. I was on the Atkins diet (high fat, high protein, very low carb) years ago for over five years.  Even though I lost a bunch of weight, I was exhausted most of the time, my knees and joints ached,, and I started experiencing high cholesterol for the first time in my life (255).  Now that I am on a plant based, whole foods diet, I have nearly limitless energy, no joint pain, and I feel great.  My cholesterol came down too and hovers around 165 – a big difference.  Eventually, the science will disprove these high fat, low carb diets as unhealthy, the same way science negated the cigarette industry's claim that smoking was healthy for you.

  11. I'm a type 2 diabetic I need help with controlling my A1C level (7.6), sometimes it (6.3) . My income is very low I'm unemployed at this time, over weight, on metformin 500 twice a day. I just came across your videos today 11/8/2017. Please I need help, been looking for help since 2009.

  12. Please help Me I am 61 and I was diagnosed with type 2 in 2000 I hacehaduncontrolled for Years Inow have neuropathy pain in my feet back and hands. I don't know what to do I feel like I am taking way too much mess 2 insulins a 1000mg of met for in twice a day along with high blood pressure med and cholesterol meds

  13. I love your show and all the information that you put out is backed up by research! But like you get angry when people say fruits are bad for you !,I get angry when they say wheat is bad for you! Not true statement. Wheat gets a bad rap on all the vegan discussion and it makes me angry! It's what we( man) does to the wheat that makes it bad! If you grind your own, organic wheat berries and use a femented starter to make bread or pasta, and of corse, everything in moderation, it is good for you! Care to comment on this?

  14. Your advice on consuming fruits to diabetics is libelous. I did it to my detriment and I am warning you that if you don't apologize and reverse your assessment I WILL take you to court. Just because you have some freaking scenario where fruits haven't spiked blood sugars doesn't mean you know your science and sure doesn't allow you to blab away nonsense on YouTube.

  15. You guys should check out the OTHER Mango man- Wayne Pickering- similar philosophy but with food combining for optimal digestion. Could this be the missing piece??? Dr. Mercola did a good interview with him a while back.

  16. ill go ahead and summarize this video for the layperson who is watching with ingrigue: basically, no one knows what to do about diabetes or cholesterol…this includes doctors and patients like the people in this vid. just a bunch of endless conflicting theories…youve got one doctor over here saying low carb, high fat treats diabetes effectively. and youve got another doctor over here on the other side saying high carbs and low fat treat diabetes effectively. on one side youve got doctors saying cholesterol is fine, and on the other side you have doctors saying its the worst thing on earth. One doctor will tell you type 2 diabetes can be reversed, and another doctor will tell you it cant be reversed. one doctor will tell you that cholesterol in foods causes heart disease and kills you, and another doctor will tell you that cholesterol from food doesnt have any effect at all…basically these people have no idea how to fix chronic health issues. just an endless cycle of theories…they have no cures, no solution, or fixes to anything, really…just save your time, and use common sense…thats it in a nutshell

  17. I am type 2 and have been on high fat low carb for about 18 months. I lost weight at first and my numbers went low but they then got higher and my weight started to climb. I was always hungry. I found the diet difficult to sustain. I took a lot of effort to keep to it. I had bowel problems in that I had constipation in a morning and the opposite after lunch. My body is exhausted. I have no energy. I cannot exercise because I am too tired. I felt I had gone backwards. I started on the low fat high carb about a week ago. I feel so guilty eating mango and pineapple. Abaked potatoes with my salad is a joy. These were forbidden foods on HFLC. My numbers are high as it is early days but my bowel has sighed with relief and is working better. Thank you both for the interview.

  18. This has been a good conversation. I agree with Cyrus, but let's say the HFLC community is healthy, it's not an environmentally viable diet. Animal agriculture is contributing to a tremendous amount of degradation to our environment. This is on top of the cruelty we heap on another species of our world.

    We won't be able to feed a future of 9 billion people on meat and dairy. We could feed the world on a plant based diet. If you are an environmentalist and if you care about other animals, plant based is the most logical option.