The amnesty bill will legalize 12 million illegal immigrants this will take away millions of jobs from black americans
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  1. Let me say this…. Take it how you want….. Illegal immigration is bad, period but not just for Black Americans, it is bad for ALL Americans. Black, White, Asian or whatever you are. It hurts Americans in general, it hurts everyone. You are correct about the Democrats are only worried about votes. They don’t care about you or me. Never did never will. They only care about their votes like you said. I say send them back too. Send them all back!! Americans first!! Period!!

  2. Sorry bud but I have never met an illegal undocumented worker who got paid anything less than minimum wage. I suppose its the Mexicans fault why yall can't find work? We Mexican's aint the ones doing the hiring son so maybe it's not anyone else fault other than the man in the mirror! Work ethic is not a color or a green card sir, try getting off your ass and theirs work anywhere if you really want it!

  3. Read the comments.

    Everyone hates African Americans…but we are supposed to be supportive of them.

    And that's all I care to say on this issue besides…

    Build that wall!
    Ban that travel!

  4. It is already happening big time! In NYC there is a huge boom of construction projects going on right now, and the companies that are using the illegals are getting all the contracts. The unions can not compete with illegal construction companies because the union workers (Americans) get paid more and have health and retirement packages while the illegals work for much less and get no health benefits. The building owners (large companies) are making a killing for their shareholders at the expense of regular Americans and are bringing down wages in general. The terrible law that has allowed them to use these outside non-union companies is the “Right to work” law that solely benefits the large companies and the illegal immigrants that have already taken 80% of the construction jobs from the construction unions in NYC. All you have to do is look at the window in NYC and you’ll see a dozen huge construction projects going on and the Americans are not getting the work. I thought they were taking only the jobs that Americans didn’t want to do… That is total fiction… they are taking very good jobs from Americans and it has to stop! Please Mr President… end the hurtful “Right to Work” laws that benefit huge companies at the expense of Americans and their families! It is a systematic replacement of Americans with cheap labor who are not even here legally. It is going on big time with trucking jobs as well. American families need these jobs and they are flooding us with people that are taking them in droves while the rich companies and their shareholders are benefiting at our expense. What the left is doing is insanity and will eventually bring down our country… don’t forget… they want to give all the illegals free health care as well. We are done if this doesn’t end!

  5. Amnesty wont change a thing from present. Illegals are still going to be deported. People complains complains. They are not going to deport. All illegals. Do you or have you reported an employer for hiring illegals?

  6. first of all, theres no black america.. second of all, some black folks dont like to work regardless the pay rate, they rather live outta of the system, steal from bussineses, inoccent people and do riots.. now tell me whos the real danger in the U.S.?? we can't even built L.A. compton or watts because bussineses are afraid to built do to riots!! inmigrants are not the problem here in the U.S. and don't forget blacks and white are also inmigrants, by history were not inmigrants, were the real native americans from this continent!!!

  7. your people people of color are just looking for security guards know way??? exactly cause you guys are lazy as fu#( so dont worry these people will work for real and earn their money…guess why anybody would preffered hispanic guys over African-Americans..thuu..hard working people my people proud of them…

  8. Soros stand to make 5 trillion on open borders. Yes…. let that sink in. And notice he said 12 million? Add 30 million more illegals right now in the USA. We need immigration but only legal immigration and only after we have all been educated or trained up for work.

  9. Black America!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i feel for u guys. Of curse its going to kill the view of none working blacks in AMERICA why! Cause Latino people work. and they work hard. to Build AMERICA. Not to destroying it . Or killing cops and live Off the government. 😏 and i know white people know that. They just to STUPID to admit it. Why cause white people are afraid speaking up aginst blacks.😂 they dont want want another out of control riots.

  10. Been saying this but Democrats are pushing this agenda so get used to low wages but our black politicians support this it hurts black people but y'all keep voting Democrats. I would rather vote Trump.

  11. You people realy get brainwashed by your goverment blaming a certain group for their trillion dollars of spending which is 23trillion and growing. We have inner city gangs in getto neighborhoods that sell drugs, gangs that need policing in the millions, jails that are over crowded with criminals that we support. Abortions, womem having kids out of marriage with deadbeat fathers that we the tax payers support . Foster care with overwhelming number of kids by idiots that can't tie there dam tubes. And the economy suffers because of ILLIGAL ALIENS realy ?

  12. The point is to promote division. Keep blacks mad at whites and flood the country with immigrants. Propagate unpatriotic sentiment to weaken the country for control purposes. A strong patriotic America is the best thing for all races of Americans

  13. Black America will be the end of Black America if Black
    America don't get their own act together and blame
    themselves for their own problems do to lack of aggressiveness
    and poor choices blaming others for doing the work they
    themselves don't want or care to do….

    The white devils have the same damn complaints….

    Your politicians take orders from the Zionist/NeoCon Jews
    and you can take that to the bank because they own the banks too….

    Capitalism is not all that great….Socialism without the corruption factor works…
    Capitalism is this is mines go get your own….the problem with that is
    the corruption involved….remember that the LUST of MAMMON is the
    ROOT of all EVIL…so there is no even playing field…..

    Socialism worked well for the Native Homogenous Indigenous Inhabitants
    of the Western Hemisphere for thousands upon thousands of years….

    This they remain silent about because they would look bad and its very
    inconvenient for them to admit to but Socialism does work….

    The livelihood that the Indigenous People lived can they only survive by
    the means of every living soul in their tribe to participate and cooperate
    with what they can attribute to the need of all people in the clan for survival…

    So with Socialism it's Christian in ways, for example in biblical verses like
    "freely you receive freely you give"….or "Lord when did I not visit you or
    feed you or clothed you" and the Lord answered and said, "when you did it to
    the least of (them) you did it to ME"….Yes People, Capitalism is evil in ways
    more then one…because your true god is mammon and America is all about
    I want it all….

    All you have to do is take care of your own business and man up and woman up
    because nothing is free except to steal this real-estate from the ones that
    practices true Christianity in their lifestyle of living in harmony with earth….

    You are your own worse enemy then your white devil brother and sister….is your
    second runner up to you being your own worse enemy….makes loads of sense….

  14. Black America has been in downward spiral long before the mass migration of illegals. So crime, incarceration, lack of education, black on black crime, lack of entrepreneurship are all illegals fault. Mmmmm..

  15. Illegals from South of the border are invading us. That isn't an opinion that's a fact. And then they want to say you all (African Americans) need to step YOUR game up? lol. STEP YOUR GAME UP illegals, why are you running from your own country like cowards?

  16. This man is so right it's bad for the blacks and Hispanics who are here legally to better their lives to live in better neighborhoods and to keep them from getting paid increases big business are behind this for cheap labor I'm glad to see the minority's smartening up this will backfire on the Democratic Party

  17. Notice how illegals want u to feel sorry for them and have sympathy for their situation, but they dont care about taking jobs away from u. They dont have sympathy that u cant pay ur bills because most jobs would rather hire illegals instead of a black American citizen. Send em all back.

  18. You can stop amnesty but your goverment both Dem and Rep will give amnesty to bail out Bankers and CEO's like fany mae,freddy mac and Obama to the solar companies that continue to use OUR tax dollars weather WE Americans like it or not. And we just take it up the ass !!!

  19. Here here! Brother American, these folks are here via deceit! They got here by nefarious means. They are here illegally. That DACA stuff is KAKA! Nothin' but stowaways! The demos will sell anyone down the river in order to keep their share of the swamp. This needs to be addressed by voting them out or just getting rid of their legacies. Start with gov. Moonbeam and work yr way down the line. They gotz ta go! California has turned into a shit hoe state in less than a generation. It ain't pretty.

  20. Let's get it clean that neither black or white belong in this country u came here deal with it whores I'm from Guatemala and my ansesters walk these lands for thousands and thousands of years if would never left Europe u wouldn't have this problem u guys don't fucking belong here yall from the other side of the world go back

  21. Look let's cut the bullshit I don't see all the black folks in gettos dropping there food stamps and running to get jobs picking crops. It is only Mexicans that will do those jobs even the angry white people that talk out there ass they are the laziest race. You aren't convinced then why are jails full of black people it sure ain't because there are out in the fields working just like most crackheads are white. Politicians are all assholes end of story!