McGeorge Bundy was one of the architects of the Vietnam War.
The National Security Advisor to President Kennedy and President Johnson, in his later years Bundy viewed The Vietnam War as a mistake the United States must never repeat.

In this two part episode of the program, Books of Our Time, Dean Lawrence R. Velvel interviews Gordon M. Goldstein on his book: Lessons In Disaster – McGeorge Bundy And The Path To War In Vietnam. Mr. Goldstein discusses McGeorge Bundy’s rise to power as well as some of the signature failures and instructive lessons of the Kennedy administration.

Mr. Goldstein is a scholar of international affairs whose articles have appeared in the New York Times, Newsweek, and The Washington Post.

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The History of Iran / US Relations: “American Imperialism – Stephen Kinzer on Overthrow Part 2: Vietnam, Iran and Chile”
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