How do you know if your relationship is toxic? We have some warning signs for you.

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  1. Many moons ago I had just got out of the army (armoured corp) and my relatively new wife states to me during a conversation (don't remeber what it was about) I'll never allow guns in 'my' house!!! I didn't say a word. The next day I was at my local gun store and came home with a 12 gauge, a Browning 7mm magnum and a 30/30 Marlin. All I said was " well sweety, I'm going to have guns in 'MY' house!! She never said another word about it

  2. If you didn't grow up around men or at least didn't have a lot of women friends–the ones that DO understand men do none of these things. We are still women, but smothering isn't our nature. There is a plus to understanding men without taking advantage of them.

  3. This exact thing happened with a girl who I had been going out with for three years:

    – she snooped through my phone, and locked herself in the bathroom with the phone.
    – she went through my gmail and found all references of her I had made to a friend.

    I laughed off this behaviour, and chalked them up as two red flags. Utterly insecure.

    After one year of being together she asked me when I would marry her. I just laughed and said she can have her freedom (to find someone else). She stayed.

    Even now, three years after we broke up, she still is desperate to know about my life. She probably watches all my YouTube liked videos and trawls the comments, in which case "Hi Ekaterina, still digging for gold are we?" 🙂

  4. When my son saw that 15:25 TV show, he was like that is horrible. Her attitude is horrible. Also, it was clear that there was no pleasing her. So don't even try! Joke on that weak man was that she says that and is not even touching or being affectionate with him. Likely she was a WHORE/SugarBaby before they met. She has ZERO attachment to him. He is doomed. God I hope he did not marry her!