If you’re thinking about going on one of these opiate maintenance medications, (think again!) & WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST. Here’s a piece of my story of a decade long battle with them, and the aftermath I am dealing with(3 years sober!!!). This is no joke, and I encourage people to PLEASE comment below with your struggles. Is there anyone else hooked on these nightmare drugs, dying to get off but can’t?? Please-reach out here. Talk to me. The struggle is real, I know! I fought tooth and nail trying to wean myself off, using heroin and other drugs in place of these, but always coming back because the detox never seemed to go away. Now I’m 3 years clean and I cannot figure out why my body is ERUPTING from the inside OUT. I’ve tried just about every acne cure known to man-and I’m left to wonder if the cause is from these medications I took for so many years that are purging from my bones through the surface of my skin. I’ve been told it’s 2-3 years for alcohol to purge the body after long time use, and 3-5 years for drugs. This video had a pretty good filter I wasn’t aware of so do not be fooled-i have WELTS all over my face and body, that will not go away no matter what I put on them or supplement I take (for my liver/or to speed up detoxification). It’s a process I have had to make peace with, that is going to take the time it will take. But if I can educate anyone else along the way, then it was all worthwhile. I hope this helps anyone else struggling /or maybe you know someone who is still on this and can’t get off? Please get in touch with me if you need to. I’m here to help in any way I can. Please read my blog I’ve just started too at
www.3rdeyeaddict.com !! Come along on this journey!!! I’m gonna be sharing my story on subs, the solutions I’ve found along the way and SOOO much more—like how our Chakras directly correspond to addiction, which chakras affect which parts of our life and how if u have a BLOCK in one of them (or MANY usually) then you’re gonna be experiencing all SORTS of crazy issues even affecting your ability to earn money and have a healthy relationship! Sooo interesting how things from our childhood get lodged in our chakras messing up SO much in our bodies, or even affecting how we can’t get sober!!! It’s all true and VERY mysterious, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery!!! Come along and learn with me. I SO WISH we were taught these things early on, but I’m trying to spread awareness and contribute to helping our society be more open to these things, that this is ACTUALLY WHATS HAPPENING TO OUR BODIES!! U don’t need to see a million Dr’s who only tell u “nothing’s wrong you’re crazy just stop using drugs wtf”🤷🏼‍♂️ !!🙇🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️no more suffering in agonizing frustration any longer, you can get proactive and learn what’s going on in your body! I’ve just started it so bare with me, SO MUCH MORE TO COME ! So please follow me on
www.3rdeyeaddict.com !!!
I am so excited about this blog! 👏🏽👏🏽👍🏼✨ Please comment there too and ask your questions, or u can ALWAYS email me at cindeejaycmt@gmail.com ☺️☺️☺️ Together we can get free of what’s holding us prisoner, sometimes we just need a good look inside ourselves🤓👁🙌🏽and of course some help from someone who’s been there too♥️ xo thanks u guys!
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  1. You don't have a monster face. Go get some stridex pads. Use twice a day and don't rinse it. Clean and clear lotion for breakouts is used as a regular lotion after the stridex pads. Try it.

  2. ive been looking for some1 sharing same symptoms as myself. I'm trying to get off of them, subox is having bad affect on me mentally and physically. hair shedding, breakouts on face &back, headaches, confusion. Im just not myself, scared and desperately needing to be done completely. After 10yrs i'm now down to a piece of crumb of 8mg once a day but even that tiny amt im still feeling these affects.

  3. I've been on mathadone for a year now and it has been the best thing for me and my heroin addiction! I am going to work on weaning off I know I cant stop cold Turkey I have stopped a few times on my own cuz I get 6 take homes now I wish I knew what to do with all the medicine I just dump it in the toilet so they think I take it… lol the old me would be doing more with it…but nah

  4. omg the same things happening to me and I'm freaking out cuz my hair is falling out as well. I went to the doctor and I'm healthy. al my tests came back normal. I'm on suboxone currently is the only thing I can think of. I am always depressed and lethargic?? wish I knew what the fuck to do about this? ne advice?

  5. I really love your transparency. Please do not give up…your worth it. Thank God you have sobtiety under your belt. Keep researching & looking for your healing. I'm going to pray for you. Only God can & will heal you. Cry out to Him. Be blessed!

  6. I've been prescribed 24mg daily. That's means I take 3 8mg Subutex tablets daily and have been on it for 7 years.
    And every problem your body has been going thru, like your acne problem I have it so badly as well and I never had bad acne not even as a teen, just small breakouts with my monthly cycle and that's it really, but now at the age of 30 I get large clusters of pimples mostly on my jawline and neck. It's all just horrible. I too have been losing chunks of hair too, I've clogged the shower drain bad enough we needed to hire a professional to remove it. And this has happened twice so far. I too use to have thick beautiful hair that women were jealous of. I know I sounds so cocky but I only mention this because I've actually have had many people both friends and strangers come up to me and tell me how envious they were of my golden blonde locks, and this happened often.
    Anyway, I also have no energy what so ever.
    My teeth are beginning to rot out of my mouth, I didn't hear you mention teeth issues so I figured I would ask if you're going thru this too?
    The whole teeth rotting issue has really, really, really killed my self-esteem and puts me in a dark, deep depression, I know its just vanity but it took me a very long time while growing up to realize how beautiful I really was. I reached 383lbs during my 7th-grade year. Wearing a woman's size 24 to 26 pant size made me a HUGE target for fat jokes. So in retailiation to that I turned into a bully, so I could feel better about myself. I was bigger and way taller then the other girls in my Middle School, and I also towered over all the boys as well.
    I was disgusted with myself and I believe it's a HUGE contributing factor in the mental disorders I've been diagnosed with once I reached adulthood and I still suffer with my disorders today, even though I now am around 160lbs to 170lbs and stand at 6ft tall, and now am able to wear sizes 10 to 12. And I now believe myself to be a very attractive woman since losing all that weight, so yeah I am vain but it's been a struggle.
    Thanks for this video and I'm sorry to say this but I'm glad I'm not the only one with these issues, I really believed I was! I've damaged both kidneys and my liver they can barely filter 40% of the toxins in my body, so it's detoxing threw our pores trying to push the shit out.
    Either way thank you!
    And congrats on your clean time! I hope you've added many more clean days!
    I myself has been clean off of both Heroin and Cocaine (Both taken IV), since April 9, 2017. I'm slowly building my life back up. I have goals this time so I hope it's goo g to keep me straight.
    I know the Subutex is damaging my mind, body and spirit but I would have never made it this far without it, and that's a fact! And I'm so grateful for these medications.

    We truly are their guinea pigs. Did you know they never collected any data in a lab on this medication and it's long term effects. It's true, they were doing all the testing like their were suppose to with drugs trial research. Clueless about the longterm they still got these drugs out there asap due to the Governments pressure to find a cure for Opiate Epidemic in America. So that's what they did, they pushed this drug out as fast as possible. All they knew was how well the drug really helped their opiate dependent patients with their withdraws and cravings in the moment, not knowing what the future results will be like.
    Idk kinda crazy right!

    And I have a question I was wanting to start a YouTube channel to document my journey in recovery in my life in general, shed some light on what a recovering addict faces on a daily basis while on the path to recover their life once more.
    My question is would you watch something like this? Do you think other addicts and the family of other addicts would be into watching something like this?

  7. All you naysayers make me sick. This sweetheart is reaching out to ppl trying to help ppl and all you fuckers can do is nitpick and talk shit about the tiniest unrelated bullshit or just shit talk period. Fuck off seriously!!! And to the woman who made this video, you're awesome. <3

  8. I am 2 years later on this vid but j need to say you are absolutely NOT repulsive and you do not have a monster face. I clicked because I am looking into ways of getting off my pain meds I have been on for 8 years straight. I don't want to be in them but I cannot deal with the sickness of stopping. I am a single mom. I don't have the luxury of lying in bed waiting it out. I am on fent patch and hate it. I am still always in pain. They want to increase it but I don't want that. Because of my spinal and joint damage, fibromyalgia and MS I am in constant pain but if these pain meds don't help I see no point in remaining on them. I have tried rso and it helped so I want to wean off the patch slowly and begin an rso treatment. Natural. How do I stop the fentanyl patch without getting sick if I dont taper off with suboxone? I heard wild lettuce is great for pain also. Any suggestions would be helpful. Ty and God bless!

  9. Your very pretty! Acne is not permanent. The structure of your face…size & shape of your nose & cheek bones as well as your eyes. I think you have nothing to worry about in the looks department! 😉

  10. The methadone is true poison to the body !!!!! Won't take it at all seen the outcome to many time's from this crap the doctor's push like fucking candy. You go from one drug to another and the methadone is worse then heroin !!!!! Do your homework before you go on this shit !! If it's so good for you why do you go through withdraws from it and it's bad !!!!!! See what this stuff is made from ?? It will fuck you up to see this info. Cold turkey is the best way more painful but no more crap going into you.

  11. Oh my God girl !! I thought I was the only one going through this shit !!!! But congratulations for getting clean but now we pay another price of being sober hair loss and can't shit lol

  12. Start taking a prenatal vitamin. My son is now off drugs but taking suboxone. He cant get off suboxone because of the withdrawl. I have him on a prenatal vitamin because I was diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases, Rheumatoid arthritis and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. I know generically he may inherit them. He is so skinny and his hair is falling out too. He ia 30.

  13. drink applecider viniger eat raw garlic an drink lots of water no make up dont take any uppers an wash your face with hydrogen peroxide an rub vitemin e an garlic onto affected areas repeat this process

  14. in order to avoid 4 -7 days of extreme flu like sickness,people will stay in the addiction cycle for years, decades even,i went thru cold turkey opioid withdrawl 9 days, that was november 2005,all i need to do is think of those 9 days and i know i NEVER want to go thru that again,whatever you need to do to get clean do it,if its suboxone methadone, you do it,do not let anybody tell you different,you can do it ,if its cold turkey so be it ,if its a detox center tapering,whatever ,if you relapse do not give up on yourself,every single human being deserves a good life no matter what you done,DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR SELF….YOU ARE WORTH IT…….PEACE………

  15. Yo I thought I would mention Linzess, it works miracles. I have been on opiates for a decade. Last year I have hurt really bad taking a shiz…With linzess it pulls fluid into your bowels and just helps..its not perscribed for opiate constipation…However I talked my pain doc into it and it fucking works…The acne could be related to constipation…Ask you doc about linzess…Its good shit…

  16. Acne and Hair loss 3 years After use? Seriously? And some of you people actually believe this is because of drugs "In your Bones"? The world needs a lot more mental health professionals to deal with all of the people who think this way.

  17. Go to CVS pharmacy and buy vanicream skincare you will love it. Use witch hazel as an astringent. As far as your hair continue to drink lots of water and go to YouTube and type in ways to get my hair to grow.

  18. You're beautiful, and you have the kind of smile that lights up a room. Congrats on being sober! Don't EVER go back to being a junkie! Your skin will heal, and your hair loss will slow down.