SUPREMACY – A response to Trump

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Music – Le Trio Joubran
Voice – Roger Waters
Poem – Mahmoud Darwish
Translation – Dr. Fady Joudah & Roger Waters
Video Director – Adnan Joubran
Music Producer – Renaud Letang
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios & Studio Ferber

Poem – The Penultimate speech of the ‘Red Indian’ to the white man

A long time must go by
Before our present becomes history
Just like us
We will face the long march
But first
We will defend the trees we wear
We will defend the bell of the night and the hanging moon over our huts We will defend the leaping deer
And the clay of our pots
And the eagle feathers in the wings of our final songs
But soon you will erect your world on our remains
You will pave over the sacred places
To open a road to the satellite moon
This is the age of industry
The age of coal
Fossils to fuel your thirst for fine wine
There are the dead and the settlements
The dead and the bulldozers
The dead and the hospitals
There are radar screens to capture the dead
Who die more than once in this life
To capture the dead who walk after death
The dead who breed the beast of civilisation
The dead who die to carry the earth
After the relics are gone
Where, oh white master, are you taking my people… and yours?

سَيَمضي زَمانٌ طَويلٌ لِيُصْبحَ حاضِرُنا ماضياً مثُلَنا ..
سنَمْضي إِلى حَتْفِنا , أَوَّلاً , سنُدافعُ عن شَجَرٍ نَرْتَديه …
وَعَنْ جَرَسِ اللَّيلِ , عَنْ قَمَر , فَوْقَ أَكْواخنا نَشتْهيه
وَعَنْ طَيْشِ غزلانِنا سَنُدافعُ , عن طِينِ فَخْارِنا سَنُدافِعُ

وَعَن ريشنا في جَناحِ الأَغاني الأَخيرةِ , عمَّا قَليل تُقِمونَ عَالَمَكُمْ فَوْقَ عَالَمِنا: مِنْ مَقابِرِنا تَفْتَحونَ الطَّريق

إِلى الْقَمَرِ الاصطناعيِّ , هذا زَمانُ الصِّناعاتِ هذا زَمانُ المَعادِنِ , مِنْ قِطْعَةِ الفَحْمِ تَبْزُغُ شَمْبانيا الأقْوِياءْ…..

هُنالِكَ مَوْتى وَمُسْتوطَناتٌ , وَمَوْتى وبولدوزراتٌ , وَمَوْتى وَمُسْتَشْفَياتٌ , وَمَوْتى وَشَاشاتُ رادار تَرْصُدُ مَوتى
يَعيشونَ بَعْدَ الْمَماتِ , وَمَوْتى يُرَبُّونَ وَحْشَ الْحضاراتِ مَوْتاً
وَمَوْتى يَموتونَ كَيْ يَحْمِلوا الأَرْضَ فَوْقَ الرُّفات ….

إلى أَيْنَ يَا سَيِّد البِيض , تأَخُذُ شَعْبي ,..
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  1. If only True Semitic Hebrews descendants of The prophet Israel himself wanted to live in the Holy Land with us Muslims and Christians we wouldn't have refused, Alas these European Crypto Jews gog and magog, want everything to themselves, not just the Holy land but the whole Arab world, they have Mecca on their eyes too. We know they will fail like they always did, this God's narrative to this world, the prophecies will come true, and Jesus son of Mary will return to this ugly world and make something beautiful out of what will be left of it.

  2. We admire such a humanist like the great Roger Waters (thank you), who after all, defends a justice cause like our Palestinian's.
    With your wonderful voice, your personality and notoriety, you showed people what is the importance of being an influent artist on such humanitarian causes. Vivre la liberté, and the music that making people get closer.

  3. Israeil is killing kids , womens , old poeple , young poeple , innocente people … why ?? They did'nt do any crime to them , they are just wanting their country to return to them ,they just want to live peacefully with their poeple …. is that a crime .. oh palestine my heart is breaking for you 💔
    يا رب أعن أهل الفلسطين المظلومين و المسلوبين حقهم و كن لهم خير نصيير يالله و كف عنهم أذى و جور و ظلم الصهاينة أرهم فيهم الذل و الخزي و الهزيمة

  4. Oh, how SICK I am of this ultra-left fucking idiot! Trump became President because people like Waters! Because reasonable people with common sense got FED UP with that leftist crap that goes from people like you!
    Waters, HOW MANY PEOPLE Jew terrorists killed in Europe, England, America? Tell us, huh?
    Israel is a democratic country with two official languages, and one of them Arabic, did you know that? You can live in Israel, be its citizen, and in the same time speak ONLY Arabian! And have the same rights as Jews. Did you, fucking ultra-left idiot know that?
    If you want to support piece there, support Orphaned Land, that play music based on BOTH Jewish AND various Arabian folk music and popular in BOTH Israel and surrounded Arabian countries. But it's probably not good enough for you, because Jews are criminals for you, right?

  5. Roger Waters canta junto a Le Trio Joubran, una de las bandas más conocidas de música palestina tradicional, esta pieza titulada "Supremacy" (Supremacía), concebida como una respuesta a Trump, quien decidió reconocer a Jerusalén como capital de Israel y ordenó el traslado de la embajada estadounidense, que estaba en Tel Aviv,. La leyenda del rock y exintegrante de Pink Floyd Roger Waters recita sobre la música de los laúdes árabes versos de Mahmud Darwish,considerado el poeta nacional palestino y fallecido en Texas en 2008.
    El poema de Darwish, "The Red Indian's Penultimate Speech to the White Man" ("El penúltimo discurso del piel roja al hombre blanco") es el relato de un indígena estadounidense que protesta por los asentamientos que alterarán su tierra para siempre, una queja que tiene claras semejanzas con la ocupación de los territorios palestinos por parte de Israel: "¿Dónde, oh amo blanco, estás llevando a mi gente… y a los tuyos?", recita el roquero británico.
    "Honramos las luchas de los pueblos indígenas de todo el mundo, y a través de nuestro arte, afirmamos que la relación entre las personas, cultura y su patria sobrevive a la historia", afirma Waters en un comunicado.
    Música independiente novedades.

  6. thank you Le Trio Joubran and thank you Roger Waters, you're a great man. ignore the army of hasbara trolls, with every dislike they drop they get a free Bamba and a Falafel sandwich from netanyahu LOL

  7. Your time has passed, you are half a foot in the grave, an anti-Semitic bastard who hates Jews, thousands of years trying to destroy us will never succeed, even if you write a thousand songs of garbage like this song