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I heard my husband come into the room. My heart was still racing, my face red, and I was wrestling with how to find anything positive in all of this. I shut down the screen when he entered the room. Luckily, he was preoccupied, so he didn’t notice my distress.

It wasn’t until later in the day, that he finally noticed I was quiet. Since I didn’t want to discuss it (wishing it would all just go away like a bad dream), I told him to check out the travel site and left the room. I waited what seemed like an eternity. I cautiously reentered the room to find him on the site, typing something. I wanted to warn him that any profanity or death threats would probably not be allowed. I peeked over his shoulder and he was personally answering the person who wrote the review. He was saying that he was sorry that their time here was not what they expected. He looked at me and said, “Should we give them a gift certificate for a free night?” For the second time that day, I was stunned!

“A gift certificate? Are you out of your mind? These guys gave us a bad review! They probably do this to everyone, everywhere they go! You know, there are people in the world like this. Not everyone is nice! What are you thinking?” I may have gone on and on…it’s a blur now.

Well, obviously, he was thinking more noble thoughts than I was. You see, my husband really cares that people have a wonderful time at our bed and breakfast. I do, too, but I’m more bottom-line, like how much money did we make this month and how many good reviews do we have?

We compromised on the wording. No gift certificate, but “thanks for the feedback and suggestions”. My husband is a saint. From observing him and through this experience, I have learned three things about bad reviews.

First of all, some bad reviews actually legitimize your business. When you have many good reviews, the general public realizes that it has more do with a particular person than the particular place. You can trust in their discernment.

Second, start reading all of your good reviews that are posted online. Then read the guest books, notes, and cards from previous years. All those positive comments will help you forgive and forget and restore your confidence.

And third, confide in a good friend, a ‘saintly’ husband, or a business partner who has been encouraging you all along. Not only will you survive a bad review or two, but you will remember why you even went into your own bed and breakfast business… the chance to meet interesting and amazing people, to share your home and knowledge of the surroundings, and the opportunity to help others have lasting memories of a great time away from home!

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