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  1. These guys keep confusing. Dr.Greger says Beans helps with reduction of a1c. Dr.Hyman says dont eat beans? Dr.mcdougall says all fats are bad and Dr. Hyman says right fats are good…… Dr.furhman talks about veggies, fruits and beans…..dr.neal barnard is more or less like Dr.Furhman………totally totally frustrating……

  2. Doctor Hyman u r my inspiration, u inspired me , and actually I'm a certified health coach I'm trying to learn functional medicine but I dont know where and what university can teach functional medicine, now I'm taking pre_requisites in the college to become a nutritionist so I need ur advice, I hope u read my message 😔 looking forward to ur advice, especially I live in Ohio and very close to Cleveland clinic

  3. How does a person get 30 gm of protein at each meal if one only eats chicken and fish (no red meat)? It is recommended that a person only eat fish 2x per week. That leaves only chicken. We have been told not to eat processed foods which eliminates most turkey products like sausage, bacon, lunchmeats (unless you cook your own turkey). Dairy is not recommended which eliminates yogurt and cheese. Even beans have been touted to contain a toxic substance (not sure if it is only canned beans, dried beans or both). Rice is discouraged because of the arsenic. Soy products are not recommended either, All that leaves is seeds and nuts and those are very fattening if you eat too much. What other foods can provide good sources of protein?
    Also if the paleo diet is recommended for patients with diabetes or autoimmune disease's like Hashimotos,, what about the aciditiy of the meats and how that has been implicated in certain types of cancers?

  4. I don't understand a lot of this. I'm 56 a retired nurse, along time ago I did courses in biology and chemistry equivalent to first year university. The young woman said she is getting her energy off fat not sugar. This doesn't make sense. Inside each cell of your body the glucose (sugar) is oxidized in part of the metabolism called the Krebs cycle. This process produces Carbon dioxide and energy. It is the same chemical process that happens when a flame is burning from a candle. I learnt that in chemistry. Glucose is the most basic form of sugar. The digestion breaks every carbohydrate down into glucose, combines it with insulin from the pancreas and carries it through the bloodstream and lymphatic system to each cell where the glucose is oxidized into energy for the body to use.
    From nursing I learned that a problem with diabetes is when not enough insulin is produced the body will convert stored glucose, called glycogen, into glucose. When it runs out of that the body will convert fat into glycogen and then convert the glycogen into glucose. When it runs out of fat it will convert protein into fat, fat into glycogen and glycogen into glucose in order to produce energy.
    The problem with converting fat into glycogen is that the body does it inefficiently and produces a toxic byproduct called ketones. This is a form of alcohol that is deadly to cells. We all produce keatons if we starve ourselves. Because of the overproduction of ketones in diabetes they can go into a ketoacidotic coma and sustain brain damage or die.
    So, the girl's statement that she's using fat for energy not sugar doesn't make sense. The doctor didn't correct her which makes me suspicious of his motives.

  5. I had 20 years of chronic pain and no doctor could help me. A nutritionist taught me about the importance of Omega 3 and not eating too much Omega 6 and now I am pain free for a year so far.

  6. I agree that you don't need carbs to live however……  gut health is predicated on regularly feeding the good probiotics with fiber.  Also, Keifer has some great data on how occasional insulin spikes to "reset" hormones is beneficial too.  (carb backloading and  carb-nite).

  7. I've been a type one diabetic since 1989 until recently I've been trying to convince the dieticians I can survive and control my diabetes with a low carb diet simply because I do not like pasta, rice, potatoes, beans, bread, these foods I've never liked since childhood and only now 27years later the dieticians are convinced you can survive on a low carb diet I'm living proof 😆

  8. Trying to understand this from a patients view but feel really incompetent because I have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Is this video for other medical professionals? I am trying to educate myself in nutrition for Type 2 diabetes but gave up after around 30 minutes and a migraine. Not helpful for me at all. Disappointed.

  9. I think it's just hard for American's to give up their carbohydrates. I used to do DM education on an Indian Reservation and it was very difficult to convince people to give up their fry bread. I think the ADA recommendations are what they are because they know people are going to eat carbs and if their gonna do it anyway at least make it a whole grain. I'm also a nurse and have tried to eat low carb and I just don't know what to eat if I don't eat carbs.

  10. I just did an hair mineral analysis test and no mercury showed up but I was really high in uranium and had alot of cadmium and a little lead. Could I actually have mercury even though it didn't show on the test? I used to eat lots of tuna and salmon and have two metal dental fillings.