My kid’s competition pulling tractor has a busted transmission. Join me as I tear apart the case then trouble shoot and fix the problem to get it back up and running in time for the next contest. Check out DoRite’s Facebook page and please “LIKE” us if you like what you see. Also follow me on Instagram: @doritebuilder.

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  1. You say at time index 3:50, "…I am going to turn the lathe on and cut it (the workpiece) true, and then from that trueness I am going to take some measurements…". If this is indeed your exact methodology, you are create runout with the new bearing feature that you are machining. The most reliable way to get an existing part running true, is to indicate the existing features of the part, and fixture it in a 4 jaw chuck. Adjust the jaws so an existing surface near the chuck face runs true. Then indicate the surface of a feature furthest away from the chuck face. Use a mallet to tap the furthest end of the part around, and keep checking the indicator until the part is running true at the far end. Then recheck the jaw settings one more time, and the far end of the part one last time. This is how to effectively set up a part that will be held in a chuck, and get the part's existing features running concentric and coaxial to the centerline of the lathe spindle. Using a 3 jaw is fine for first run production parts, but it is not intended to re-fixture a part where the centerlines of existing features of a part must be reestablished. ——– Another comment, when a part is a rotating part, the bearings should be a press fit. When the part is a rotating housing, the bearings should be a press fit in that housing. This is standard engineering practice. It seems you have a rotating part and slip fit bearings. The fact of this part being oil lubricated will slow down the wear that will occur on the slip fit to bearing race interface, but it will happen over time. —- Not saying this to be critical, just trying to be helpful.

  2. You need to build them a sled to go with the tractor. Back in '75 I got a John Deere peddle tractor. Dad put a chrome stack on it and then built a sled for it with a weight box that moved up the incline pulled by a string that was attached to the axle. The pan was plenty heavy by itself for a peddle tractor, didn't need any additional weight for the weight box. Was in several parades in '76 with it on the back of a flatbed truck. Played with using a torch in the stack to get the black diesel exhaust.

  3. Wow…… love your channel. Tom at Hilltop Machine said I should check out the Bar Z Bash and I found your channel. Just started machining about six months ago when I found some machines at an estate sale. I am hooked big time in retirement at 59 years young. I want to learn all over again and it feels great. Even started my own channel called Flathead Ron’s Garage a few months back. The YouTube community is wonderful for learning and meeting great people (machinists and people like me who want to learn and share knowledge). Thanks for all you do. Ron…

  4. Awesome Jim I agree. Sometimes you have to learn that you have to earn to win, when the reward for competing isn’t that much different than winning you don’t learn how to try your best. Also you have taught them sometimes you don’t always have to buy the best but you can by hard work and street smarts you still can compete and win.

  5. Finding a work around, when the conventional options are no longer an option. The mark of a good mechanic/machinist.
    If it works better than the original design, then it becomes an upgrade. I hope that proves to be the case in the competition, and in future competitions.

  6. Great video Jim. You’re absolutely right about not only teaching our kids to be competitive and win, but more importantly to be a graceful looser and be a good sport at all times.

  7. It really must make you proud of what your son's have accomplished. They look like well behaved kids. Of course they have a great father figure. Nice work Jim. P.S. Was going to see you when you were in Cleveland but had some other pressing matters to take care of. Keep the video's coming, especially the welding. Love em

  8. Why to go thank you teach you dont always win but it will be okay just try harder next time not this crap of it dont matter if you win or not you still get a reward because you were there no winners or losers so as not to offend or hurt feelings