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SUGGESTION: Drink filtered water, spring water from bottles BPA-free. I am recommending not using an actual machine, which artificially makes alkaline water.

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Dr. Berg talks about alkaline water. The problem is, in nature water does come in an alkaline state because of the minerals. When you artificially make water alkaline, you split apart the water molecules with electricity to make it alkaline but without the minerals. Its the minerals that add the “x” factor in water, not just H2O. There are problems long term that can occur with drinking artificially make alkaline water – the neutralization of body acids (stomach, large intestines and urine). I have found that some people who drink alkaline water end up with a urine of a pH of 9, completely off the scale when it should be 5-6. This breads microbes. Making your entire body alkaline can create problems with electrolytes (affecting the heart), the muscles, and slow digestion, because you need a strong acid stomach.

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  1. Sorry Doc but what kind of doctor are you? Like family doctor, neurologist, bone specialist etc. I’m just not sure what your exact credentials are. I used to believe doctors new everything now there are specialists for everything. In Canada from township to township the standards of water can very significantly even to the point where the province of Quebec uses chloride in their city water which some professionals condem. I know personally from my uncle that ran the main water plant in a city of 70 thousand people that the water system they had were constantly being over hauled and that the system was not perfect. So my question to you is what is the difference between a government run water dispenser then a privately owned company that both have experts that make claims their system is the best? They both screw with the water to try to make it better. Weren’t cigarettes proscribed by physiologist at one point in time like only 50 years ago.

  2. So many argue back and forth especially on value of distilled water 💦! I work in nuclear industry and wonder why nobody ever mentions “absorption “all the fussing over distilled, acidic , etc if ya drink distilled water and wash in natural spring water your body will absorb minerals! Moisture in atmospheric air is also absorbed into the body along with the contaminates present in the environment to include radioactive contamination! I only have a ninth grade education , but , must have a lot more for you to think 🤔 about! Where does the ice you use come from, and don’t eat the yellow snowflakes LOL

  3. Here is an article in the NYT quote Dr Fenton who has done research on whether diet changes blood ph etc: Blood is tightly regulated at around pH 7.4, while the stomach, which secretes hydrochloric acid to digest proteins and kill food-borne pathogens, is very acidic, with a pH of 1.5 to 3.5. If you drink water that is slightly alkaline, Dr. Fenton said, the hydrochloric acid in the stomach quickly neutralizes it before it’s absorbed into the blood.

  4. Dr Berg I have huge respect for your work in the intermittent fasting and keto diet world but there are some key elements you are missing here. Firstly we have been drinking kangen water ph8,5 for 2 years without any issues. We tested to see how many cups of kangen water we need to neutralise a cup of coffee…it takes 35 cups of Kangen water ph9.5 to neutralize a cup of coffee so I would not worry too much about a ph8.5 neutralise stomach acids. also we do NOT teach people to drink kangen water with food, always 1 hr before food. two friends of mine have drank kangen water for 10 years each, no issues what so ever. Alkaline water made artificially using added minerals has however been shown to cause calcification and deposition of these metallic minerals in the body. So why on earth would 6500 medical Drs in Japan on the medical board recognise these ionizers like the Kangen as a medical grade equipement if the water was toxic. How many pts did you test, what type of water did they drank, how much did they drank and at what pH? professor IGNATOV , professor in Biophysics who has his entire life testing water on the Bulgarian mountain did a study on Kangen Water and reported to be excellent and worth taking for cancer prevention. I think this area of alkaline water is a big topic and it needs proper researching as many people on the net haven't got a clue what they are talking about…also there's nothing mentioned here about the powerful benefits of molecular hydrogen which is found in abundance in kangen water. now we have a way to produce even more from the machine. I'd be interested to test my own urine moving forward with the various pH of the kangen water.

  5. I have came to the conclusion that If they say it's good for you it's usually bad. And if it's bad for you they say it's good.
    It's so confusing anymore you don't know what to believe. Just pray for guidance and believe in
    Yah. He is our best guide.

  6. Your heading is misleading. You are stating we shld not drink alkaline water.
    You are talking abt "ionized alkaline water, " made by the machine.
    We can make our own alkaline e water with natural products.
    Your headline has discouraged quite a number of people.

  7. I will taste my urine, I have a Kangen Machine if is not so alcaline as he says… I don´t think it is unhealthy, time will tell. I think the mayor problem is that kangen water is not free, if it was other story we were being discussing, trust me: hypocresy.

  8. This guy just sucks.
    Listen "doctor", I dont care bout your so called "facts" and science at all. They are all nothing but instruments to divide und suppress us people of color, the LGBTQ community, the African American and the muslim perople. Check your privilige whitey! You and your racist, sexist war mongering "president" Drumpf go back to Europe where you come from and let us POC in peace. We live better without you. Take a look at San Francisco.
    Thats why I always vote Democrat because they DO CARE about us, while you neocons only think about money, work getting rich on the expense of other's and so on.
    I don't no drink water. No sane person does. The water in those soda beverages is already cleaned and thats what your body needs and it contains everything a body needs.
    Stop lying to us, arrogant "teacher". We are not your slaves anymore. Your vid is so stupid. It is so dumb. Instead you should apologize for all the atrocities your white race has commited to us POC. OMG. ROFL.

  9. To me it looks like everything is business people gets paid for saying things, the corporation world wide is poisons us, they poison our water , air , food, wars, hunger, GMO, vaccination, weather modification or geoengineering not to mention radiation from Mobil towers all over the place and humanity still arguing that is angels male or female, the corporation wants you to buy machines the want you confuse they want us to get sick and die, because we give them our consent blindly, from my experience everything they created for us will harm us %98 of anythings you think of but we still run after their deadly products, most humanity are blinded by money and sex, with out realizing our life start from 0 and will end 0, so no matter how the corporation bribe you with either with wages or big lump sum they only gave you the illusion that own somethings, in America doctors at war today one works for the corporation and one care about humanity but the one working for the corporation they betrayed themselves and humanity. Dr Berg's did not give us the alternative only don't drink alkaline water and its bed for us, I think we should ask our politicians but sorry they are working for the corporations.

  10. The most important point he made was at the very end of the video. Alkaline water is not bad IF it is naturally alkaline because of minerals. We have been offering "Alkaline" water for years and see the benefits it gives to our customers. We offer both Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline so that our customers have the choice. Our Alkaline water is made by infusing natural ionized minerals into our Reverse Osmosis water.

  11. This is totally opposite of what I researched in 30+ years!
    (All except the stomach acidity and microbes)
    In an Acid body state is where microbes of bacteria, etc take over, in fact this is why Western lifestyles are really crappy for nutritional value!
    In an alkaline state of approximately 6 to 7 PH is where you want to be, not 9 PH!!!
    It's the fundamental principle of BALANCE which is the key!
    I've only had one 1 bottle of pure electrically ionized water, but routinely from the ancient aboriginal, indigenous civilizations where HOLISTIC living ORIGINATED they would have alkaline water, naturally occurring and they would also add herbs, fruit, veggies to it to feed the physical body with needed nutrients , cause that's the basis of a healthy physical body, NUTRITION!
    The problem why we're so acidic today is because of the companies purposely messing up the food for arbitrary and malicious reasons!
    Bit to summarize this, your PH should be between 6 PH and 7 PH, which is balanced, your diet as a human being should be a small percentage of meats/ fats, if you need to in an emergency, a large daily amount of various vegetables with nuts, seeds, etc and various herbs and a decent amount of fruit daily…
    THIS HOLISTIC natural diet is older than Greece and Rome and goes back in EPOCHS of MILLENNIAL GENERATIONS OF TIME periods of HIGH CULTURE created by the 1st people on the planet in ancient aboriginal, indigenous civilizations from the Hapi/ Nile Valley, which is the cradle of all civilization , they're the creators of culture period, but in today's world of upside down politics and mindless following of trickle down TRENDS people do not research and we self mutilate our physical bodies with low vibrational GMO food stuffs, this is why much of the original natural occurring foods are banned in the Western Hemisphere cause it heals you automatically!
    THIS IS the reality of the mind games being played on the masses of people today, everyone, not just certain so called classes, so you have to get rid of any silly biases you we're taught…
    Peace and prosperity brothers and sisters HUE-MAN BEINGS!!!

  12. I love my Kangen machine and the water it makes. You say that electricity is "un-natural" without it in our bodies we would die. It's a mater of balance. Obviously people with urine of 9.0 have taken it to far. Stay in balance and listen to your body.

  13. Let's see here… If you lower the pH of a solution oxygen bubbles out. If you raise the pH it allows more oxygen to saturate the solution.
    If you have low pH blood along with metal… What does metal do when exposed to oxygen Doc? Hmm can you say rust? Oxidation? Why we eat and drink high pH antioxidants? Have you ever seen exposed aluminum react to oxygen? Do you get it now Doc?
    Or are you going to continue to send people to their deaths?